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LZ 129 Hindenburg was a large German commercial passenger-carrying rigid airship, the lead ship of the Hindenburg class. It crashed in 1937.[1]


Dominic Fortune travelled on board the Hindenburg twice to get to Nazi Germany. Once to get to the 1936 Olympic Games[2] and later in 1937 to stop a Nazi plot against Wakanda.[3]


On May 6, 1937 while attempting to land at Lakehurst Naval Air Station in Manchester Township, New Jersey at the end of the first North American transatlantic journey of its second season of service with the loss of 36 lives.[1]

There sorceress Alisabeth Daemon planned to open a portal allowing the Outer Dark into Earth's dimension. She planned to crash the Hindenburg using their lives as a sacrifice. Lady Daemon tried to stop her sister along with Ian MacGinnis. He shot Alisabeth and the Outer Dark tried to seduce Lady Daemon but she was able to resist them. The fight sparked the flames that destroyed the Hindenburg. However Lady Daemon and Ian managed to escape the disaster safely.[4]

Dominic Fortune later heard the news after disaster calling his travel on the craft a near miss.[5]

Time Travellers

Two prisoners escape their prison cell using a magical Monkey's Paw taking them on a journey through time. They first they arrived on the RMS Titanic, then the Hindenburg and finally ending up in Hiroshima, just before the Atomic Bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.[6]

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