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La Lunatica was born in Mexico[2] and lived in a border town until she was taken by the Theatre of Pain[3] and became their unwilling servant for 10 years.[4] This sadistic group profited from human misery, providing twisted entertainment,[5] and they used Lunática's powers of drawing forth painful memories to use later for entertainment.[6]

After becoming aware of mutants in the vicinity, Brimstone Love, the leader of the Theatre of Pain, sent La Lunática to capture some for his patrons' enjoyment. She returned with Bloodhawk, Krystalin, Meanstreak, and Skullfire. While La Lunática was siphoning Skullfire's memories, his power erupted, blowing off the collars that kept the mutants, as well as La Lunática, imprisoned, allowing for all five to escape.[7]

She encountered Skullfire once more whilst he was on a leave-of-absence from the X-Men. He attacked her the moment he had a chance, but he stopped after she revealed she was seeking his protection from Brimstone Love, who wasn't going to escape without a fight. Skullfire agreed to help her, but Xi'an, who was accompanying Skullfire wasn't convinced of her "damsel in distress" act.[8]

They traveled to a Black market shopping center in El Paso, where Lunatica and Skullfire wandered together while Xi'an was taking care of other business. As they were kissing in a corner, Lunatica revealed that she had actually come to the market to meet Junkpile, who Skullfire has a deep hatred for, for killing one of his teammates.[4] Despite some initial conflict between the two, Lunática managed to calm them down and get them to work together in protecting her.[5]

When Love finally caught up with Luna, instead of taking her with him, he offered Xi'an position in the Theatre, and the two left, promising to return. After Xi'an's betrayal, Skullfire took over as leader of the X-Men, and Lunática joined the team.[9]

As promised, Brimstone Love eventually got hold of Luna once more, but when Xi'an turned against him and almost desintegrated him, hoping to seize control of the club, he teleported away. As Love left, Luna fed off of Xi'an's trauma and removed his inner demons in the process.[10]



Psychic Vampirism: La Lunática's touch trigger traumatic, and often repressed, memories in her victims[6][4] which she then feeds off of to increase her strenght.[10]


Billingual: La Lunática is a fluent speaker of English and has at least a basic knowledge of Spanish.[3]

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