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Lady Lotus was born in Japan with strong telepathic abilities, which she learned to control through meditation since childhood. As she grew older, she supplemented it with the power of lotus flowers and, by the time she was 21, she claimed to have reached enlightenment.[4]


Eventually, she moved to the United States of America, where she had to use her powers to avoid capture once Japan was declared an enemy of the US. Disgusted by the Americans' use of detention centers, Lady Lotus took refuge in New York's Chinatown. She opened a curio shop and cast a subtle hypnotic suggestion over those who entered, making them perceive her as being Chinese. Angered at the United States, Lady Lotus decided to destroy the country from within.[4]

Using her psychic powers, she commanded the Atlantean Nazi U-Man to travel to her doorstep[5] and then made him kidnap the Japanese-American Kid Commando Golden Girl, so she would join her cause.[6] When Golden Girl refused, Lady Lotus attempted to hypnotize her into joining her. However, Golden Girl used her sunburst abilities to fight her way out, and, when the Invaders showed up looking for her, Lady Lotus ordered U-Man to carry her away before they could see her.[4]

Heightening her powers with lotus flowers

And she got to her curio shop, she contacted the Nazi vampire Baron Blood and, after subjugating him, she sent him on a mission to retrieve the final two pawns in her plan: Master Man and Warrior Woman.[7] They also refused her offer, but she once again used her psychic powers to force them to join her Super-Axis. Shortly before sending her super-team on their mission, the Human Torch entered the shop, suspicious of its name. Appreciating this gift from destiny, Lotus also mind-controlled the Torch and kept him as her secret weapon.[8]

Afterwards, the Super-Axis was sent to Chicago's railroad center to destroy the cargo for the war effort and, despite making a great deal of damage, they were eventually defeated by the Invaders. With the four Axis members knocked out, Lotus unleashed the Human Torch against his teammates, but he too was defeated and brought back to his senses. Enraged at Lotus, he went back to the shop to confront her once more, but Lotus evaded capture.[8]

Shortly after her disgrace, Lady Lotus encountered the Yellow Claw on the street and he warned her about the dangers of overconfidence, before revealing that, though it may take him more than a decade, he would be the one to destroy the United States.[8]

Lady Lotus (Earth-616) from Captain America Forever Allies Vol 1 2 001.jpg

Still, Lotus didn't quit and, the following year, she manipulated a dozen people to stage a riot (which was pacified by the Young Allies).[9] While ranting about her new plan's failure, her loyal servant Samaru brought her a gift from her loyal Japanese forces. It was a gem discovered on a Pacific island, and Lotus soon realized it could enhance her psychic powers. Desiring revenge on the Young Allies, Lotus hypnotized more people than ever before and subdued the young heroes. With the new power at her disposition, she started planning to seize control of the whole Pacific Rim by herself. She took over the minds of the Young Allies and began by sending them on a mission to assault a US military base. While flying there, however, the heroes broke free of her control one by one and returned to apprehend Lotus.[10] During the fight, Lotus held herself against the heroes, but after one of Toro's fire blasts sent the gem down an earth crack, Lotus had no change but to flee with Samaru.[11]

Promising to be patient while looking for the gem,[11] Lotus kept herself occupied and, in 1947, she saw herself being chased by the All-Winners Squad in Sin-Cong.[1]

At some point, Lady Lotus and U-Man had a daughter named Nia Noble, but he never cared for her and didn't even consider himself her father.[12][13]

Decades later, keeping a young appearance through unknown means, Lotus assumed the identity Lotus Newmark[9] and created a criminal empire through illegal drug trade.[3][2]

As Lotus Newmark

She kept her empire for years until she was defeated by Wonder Man and Beast,[14] and imprisoned in federal prison in Colorado with special technology aimed at blocking her powers.[9]

She remained there for years until finally beating the technology and switching places with an inmate about to be released by making everyone (including the inmate) believe she was actually Lotus.[9]

She then attended the funeral of Washington Jones, one of the Young Allies, to say goodbye to her last surviving enemy. Little did she know that Bucky Barnes was still alive and at the funeral as well.[9]

Reunited with the gem

Oblivious that Bucky had recognized her, Lotus proceeded to finally be reunited with her gem and, after doing so, she traveled to South America where she was hoping to encounter a second gem. There, she attempted to mind control Bucky into retrieving the second gem from some old ruins, but, when he finally got it, he smashed it into pieces and revealed he couldn't be controlled anymore. With the new gem gone, the first gem was pulled into the wall to assume the other one's place and, without hesitation, Bucky placed a new power inhibitor on Lotus and took her to safety before the whole place collapsed. When the dust settled, she was taken into custody by Sam Wilson.[15]

It is unknown how long she remained imprisoned or even if she was ever imprisoned at all, but, eventually, she traveled back to Sin-Cong, now called Siancong, and settled in a temple called "The Hollow Place".[1]

Powers and Abilities


  • Telepathy: Lady Lotus has displayed a few of the common abilities among telepaths, namely broadcasting thoughts,[5] reading minds,[6] altering perceptions,[4] casting illusion,[8] paralyzing people[7] and controling them.[5] Empowered by the Lotus flowers, she bested Baron Blood telepathically when he tried to use his psychic abilities on Lotus.[7] At that time, the range of her powers was high enough to mind control Master Man and Warrior Woman in Germany while staying in the US.[8]


  • Lay Lotus was seen smoking in every one of her appearances in Invaders.

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