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Lady Vermin is an evolved rat created by the High Evolutionary as one of his Knights of Wundagore. Unlike most New Men, she does not have a humanoid appearance, but rather resembles a normal rat with heightened intelligence and the ability to speak. Because of her small size, she wears a harness sometimes equipped with a jetpack that allows her to move about with her fellow teammates.

When Wundagore Mountain was under siege by the Acolytes, Lady Vermin was among the knights who fended off their attack, eventually having to flee the area when Exodus assumed control of the citadel.[1] Along with the rest of her team, she relocated to The Haven, one of the High Evolutionary's secret bases in New York, while her master recuperated in a secure location.[2] After saving the city from a mind-warped Thundra,[3] she and the rest of the team temporarily followed Quicksilver to the Inhuman home world of New Attilan to be with his wife Crystal, who had recently returned from the Heroes Reborn universe along with his sister, Wanda.[4]

Wanting to experience life among humans, Lady Vermin and the knights have a night out in New York City, only to be captured by agents of Exodus.[5] After escaping capture, the team travels to the Savage Land to protect the High Evolutionary from the Acolytes before returning with their master to The Haven to plan an attack to re-take their home on Wundagore.[6] With the combined efforts of the knights and the Heroes for Hire, they are victorious against Exodus and the High Evolutionary's long-time enemy Man-Beast.[7]

Powers and Abilities


Lady Vermin has all the abilities of a normal rat in addition to human-level intelligence. She can understand the language of non-evolved rats whom she refers to as her "brothers" and "sisters". Due to the genetic machinations of the High Evolutionary, she can also transfer a powerful poison through her bite, which can cause pain and temporary dementia to her victims.[8]


Her small size makes her more vulnerable to physical assault.



Lady Vermin is equipped with a special harness which sometimes contains both a rocket pack for travel and a small gun mounted on her back which can fire concussive blasts.


Atomic Steed


  • Lady Vermin had a kinship to Lord Churchill due to their mutual dislike of felines.[9]
  • Lady Vermin's fur color has fluxuated between brown to grey to pink depending on the color artist of her specific appearances.

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