The hero known as the Lady of Ten Suns is a member of People's Republic of China premier superhero team, called that People's Defense Force. Lady of Ten Suns participated in the fight against the Unspoken. After the battle Lady of Ten Suns was one of the few members of the team to suvive the fight alongside Radioactive Man, Collective Man, and the Scientific Beast.


  • Superhuman Strength: She was able to fight with Ms. Marvel.[1]
  • Flight: She has also displayed the ability to fly. The full extent of this ability is unknown.[2]
  • Solar Energy Blasts: She is capable of shooting sun blasts from her hands.[2]


Lady of Ten Suns has displayed combat skills, as demonstrated during her fight against Ms. Marvel.[1]


Lady of Ten Suns Suit

  • The Lady of Ten Suns' name seems to refer to "the Time of the Ten Suns" from Chinese mythology. There may not be a direct link.
  • It is never made clear what the origin of her powers.

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