Lago is a small town located in New York. It was a center of anti-mutant bigotry. At one point in time, a mutant girl named Katrina Fox was killed by a mob of townspeople. While the ringleaders stood trial, they were found not guilty in eleven minutes.[1]

Private investigator Jessica Jones once visited the town to investigate the disappearance of high school student Rebecca Cross.[2]

When Lucifer resurfaced, he used his powers to fuse his psyche with the entire town. Since hate and fear make people more susceptible to the kind of power Lucifer possessed, they were easy to control. Charles Xavier caught notice of Lucifer's whereabouts, and he lured his former pupils, four of the original five X-Men to the town. Xavier waited until his former pupils noticed something was amiss with the townspeople, namely that they didn't react negatively to them despite being a town that hated mutants. Xavier informed them about Lucifer's activities, and then took the X-Men to a warehouse where Lucifer congregated the townsfolk at night. With Lucifer's influence threatening to take hold of the mutants, Xavier informed them they needed to kill him. Angel changed into his Archangel persona and decapitated Lucifer. The severance of Lucifer's psychic link with the inhabitants of the town proved too traumatic for them, and all the townspeople died.[1]


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