After the destruction of Xuchotl, Conan and Valeria exited and stumbled into the Ichiribu, who live on an island in the Lake of Death and saw them as spirits; still, their chieftain wished to test Conan in winning three of four trials which no stranger had ever faced and survived.[1]

Conan won the fist trial, known as the tossing of spears, but lost the second one, known as the spearing of the fang-fish. Valeria then won the third challenge, a canoe race across the Lake of Death, and Conan ultimately succeeded in the fourth one, which resulted in the death of Aondo.[2]

Conan and Valeria then agreed to train the Ichiribu warriors, in the wake of an invasion of the enemy Kwanyi, who were living on the shores of the Lake of Death. They ventured deep in the underground catacombs below the lake, where they confronted the last surviving golden serpent.[3]

The witch-man, Dobanpu, attracted the giant reptile into a moss cave, which Conan managed to set on fire and kill the creature. Coming back to the surface, the Ichiribu were attacked by the rival Kwanyi tribe. After the death of their leaders, Ryku and Jolari, the Kwanyi struck a deal with the Ichiribu to end the conflict. Conan and Valeria then left to join the Red Brotherhood once more.[4]


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