The Ethereal Lambda-Zero would later become known as Stardust.

Herald of Galactus

She soon became the current Herald of Galactus. The first planet Stardust fed to Galactus was New Korbin, after she slaughtered most of the planet's inhabitants.[1]

This led to the confrontation with Beta Ray Bill, who was busy attempting to rescue the Korbinites. The two fought each other, and after the first confrontation, Stardust sought out Bill after he obtained the Meta-Orb. Planning on crushing Bill with it, the two fought each other until Stardust opened a portal to a dimension filled with the most evil beings of the universe, hoping to trap Bill in there. Bill managed to escape, but a being named Asteroth escaped and began devouring galaxies. Stardust and Bill joined forces, with Stardust using her powers to open a black hole behind Asteroth hoping to lock Asteroth in it. However, Asteroth resisted and the hole instead sucked both Stardust and Bill to a near death.[2]

As the two recovered, Stardust had earlier fought Alpha Ray. Galactus had empowered Ray to help Stardust take down his opponent. With the black hole still open, Ray managed to do this, but in return was sucked into the hole together with Asteroth. Stardust was later revealed to have returned through unknown means.[3]


Stardust is sent by Galactus to ask the Silver Surfer to meet with Galactus. Stardust meanwhile is under orders to help the other remaining heralds Red Shift and Firelord as they combat the Annihilation fleet. Later the three heralds join with Nova's United Front and defeat and capture one of Annihilus' queens. With the Silver Surfer and Galactus now captured and Firelord half-dead, Stardust and Red Shift are the only two active heralds.[4]

Stardust and Red Shift were presumed dead after holding back a massive energy blast from Galactus' absorbing device. Stardust has since returned.[5]

It is later revealed that Stardust is an Ethereal, a race of beings made up of pure energy, and that by being imbued with the Power Cosmic has, in effect, made Stardust immortal, since the Power Cosmic allows her to reconstitute herself if she were to be "destroyed". She was then confronted by the few remaining members of her race who were nearly made extinct by the Annihilation Wave. Trying to attack Stardust in treason for leaving them, Stardust "kills" the remaining members of her race in self-defense and then absorbs their still sentient remains. However, she then finds Galactus and, distraught that she has been replaced as Herald by the Silver Surfer, gives up the remains of her race to feed Galactus against their protests; an act that surprises Galactus, as no herald has ever willingly given up their race to him. Stardust is then named Galactus's second herald, as Galactus's now increased hunger requires more worlds to devour. It is also then revealed that Galactus is the only creature that Stardust will ever love.[6]

Power Grid [8]
Energy Projection
Fighting Skills
* Teleporter


Like other heralds, Stardust was granted the almighty and divine infinite Power Cosmic by Galactus himself. Her abilities before becoming a herald are unknown.

  • Energy Form: Stardust seems able to recover from any injury and alter her whole physical body into a much stronger and more powerful ethereal form entirely composed of pure life energy.
  • Superhuman Strength: Stardust possesses vast superhuman strength, as she easily shattered an entire planet when she slammed an asteroid into it.
  • Superhuman Durability: She is capable of withstanding planetary explosions as well as a clap from Galactus which knocked out Beta Ray Bill.
  • Interstellar Flight: Stardust can reach flight speeds exceeding those of light.
  • Cosmic Power: Creation, control and manipulation over all forms of pure energy to limitless and infinite power-levels.
  • Teleportation: Stardust is able to open black holes, vortexes, portals, wormholes, and other dimensional rifts

She was deemed to be an "universal" threat level by the Nova Corps.[7]

Strength level

Class 100


Some type of halberd.

  • Stardust has been referred to as a female.
  • In Annihilation: Heralds of Galactus #1, a member of Stardust's species refers to her as Lambda-Zero. Presumably this is her real name, but it's only used once and very unclearly.

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