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The Lamentis Outworld was located at the very edge of Kree space.[1]

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Lamentis in the skies of Lamentis-1

Lamentis has a habitable moon called Lamentis-1 that hosts a sizeable population. In 2077 Lamentis broke up and its fragments crashed into the moon, killing everyone on it.[2]


Lamentis is the home of Mantis. Its largest village, Nok Tamal, houses both the Priests of Pama and the reborn Cotati. The Cotati help the priests keep the village running in harmony and in-tune with the local flora and fauna, making it hospitable to life despite the planetary conditions.

Gamora once sought refuge here after the Galactic War. When Drax began to surrender to the "Promise" of the Universal Church of Truth, something Mantis had foreseen, Mantis lured him to the planet, led them to Adam Warlock who helped free Drax. The Church then arrived through the Knowhere's Continuum Cortex to begin converting its inhabitants to harvest Faith energy.[3]

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