Lamia was a high priestess of Varnae, first Lord of the Vampires, and a vampire herself, in Pre-Cataclysm Atlantis. Allegedly, she slaughtered thousand people in his name.[2]

After the Great Cataclysm, she kept the faith of Varnae, prophesying he would return and that she would be among the exalted.[2]

Modern era

Because Lamia was one of the first vampires on Earth and she had successfully survived to the modern era, she was considered a member of the group of extremely long-lived vampires know as the Ancient, along with Nosferatu, Verdelet, Saracen, Maracen and Boy.[3]

During the global Great Depression of the 1930s, Lamia was living in a house on Blaylock Street in London. When the Bloodshadows explored her lair, she killed all the members save for Blade whom she recognized as a dhampir and threw out a window, and Glory who she turned into a vampire.[2] Blade later returned and slew Lamia.[4]

It was later presumed by Blade that both Lamia and Glory had been destroyed by the Montesi Formula along with all other Vampires.[2]


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