Lan-Zarr was one of the Knights of the Infinite, a group of Skrull/Kree hybrids. He accompanied K'kyy and Mur-G'nn to the Earth, where they kidnapped Dorrek VIII (along with his fiance), who, according to a prophecy, was destined to become king of the unified Kree and Skrull empires.

When they returned to their home in the Forbidden Asteroids, Lan-Zarr guided Hulkling to a test he had to pass in order to prove he was the reincarnation of Dorrek Supreme, the first Skrull/Kree hybrid. Hulkling successfully pulled the sword Excelsior from a stone, and he was declared their leader.[1]

The Knights accompanied Hulkling to their base, Castle Tarnala, only to discover the corpse of the elder M'ryn being used as a vessel by Moridun's physical form. Once Moridun was defeated with the help of the New Avengers, who had tracked down Hulkling to rescue him, Lan-Zarr decided to let the young hero go, explaining that the he had a duty to his friends, and he wouldn't be their king if he was capable of abandoning that. Before biding farewell, Lan-Zarr promised that when the time was right, the Knights of the Infinite would fight at his side.[2]

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