Lana Love was a popular teen actress during the 1940s. In the fall of 1942 she became the target of crooks who wished to kidnap her and hold her for ransom. The crooks biggest mistake was warning boy detective Terry Vance to not get involved when he had no idea that she was a target. The led Terry, his reporter friend Deadline Dawson and pet ape Dr. Watson to check on the girl. Sending Dr. Watson up with a microphone, Terry confirmed that men had kidnapped her and sent Deadline to get the police. Going up to her apartment, Terry attempted to save her but was caught by the gang leader and held at gunpoint and found himself a hostage as well.

As the authorities surrounded Lana's apartment, the crooks forced the two teens to race across the rooftops to another building where they were locked up together in a small room. There, Terry had Lana operate a lamp while he flashed the blinds creating a heliograph SOS message in Morse Code alerting the police to their location. They were soon freed and the crooks captured.

Lana's subsequent activities are unrecorded.


Lana was a skilled actress.

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