The Land Within is a region of Hades, the Underworld where the Sorcerers Guild banished the Cat People. The sorcerers were concerned about their rapid population growth. The Cat People's progenitors Helene and Flavius had been the creations of a mystic named Ebrok. The Land Within does not have a sun, their light originates from something called a "glowsphere".[1]

Originally the land was visited by Morbius. When Morbius was tossed into the region's river (the river of oblivion) he emerged on the planet Arcturus IV via some sort of warp. The West Coast Avengers traveled to the Land Within to cure Tigra of her problem with having two souls.[2] The Fantastic Four also ventured to the Land Within to uncover clues about the Beyonders.[3]

A smaller contingent of Cat People lived on Earth. After Helene and Flavius escaped their banishment and returned to Earth they restarted their population but intentionally limited the number of new cat people.[4] It was later clarified that this second generation of Cat People were the product of the first Tigra and the first Balkatar who were created by Helene and Flavius.[2]


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