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An interdimensional holding company/law firm, LL&L had considerable history with the man called Logan.[1] They often maintained his assets and property for him when his hectic lifestyle prevented him from maintaining a permanent residence or storage of his own.[2][3] It is also an intergalactic holding company.[4]

One of their projects dealt with a messiah named Mithras who was prophesied to bring about an intergalactic golden age. Zoe Culloden believed Deadpool to be Mithras.[5] Later Overboss Dixon tried to arrange events so that Captain America would become the messiah LL&L's precognitives foresaw.[4]


  • Named after the owners of the Forbidden Planet store.[6]


Similar to the antagonists of Buffy spin-off Angel, Wolfram & Hart, which debuted a decade later in October of 1999. Both are interdimensional firms manipulating a mass-murderer on the cusp of redemption for his role in the upcoming apocalypse.

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