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The Landlaks[1] are the inhabitants of the moon Birj of the gas giant Marman in a solar system eighty thousand years from Earth. Marman is the seventh planet from its sun. Birj is the sixth closest moon to Marman.

Tyros's rules

They are known for Tyros, the dictator of the small city-state Terran[2] (later referred to as Lanlak).[3] Each city on Birj is ruled by a powerful family.[1]

Tyros ruled through the use of his limited power over rock and earth, a mutation unique to him. While the others of his race were shown to be telepathic,[2] Tyros has never been shown to possess this ability.

When Galactus took Tyros in as his new herald, the planet Birj was freed from his dictatorship,[2] only for him to return later and take back his lead.

Mishna, another resident of Birj, was once talked out of selling her soul to Mephisto.[4]

The Landlaks witnessing the Phoenix arrival

Extinction by the Phoenix

While the Phoenix Force was heading to Birj, Terrax refused to listen to Nova's warnings and to evacuate the population, and the Phoenix erased all life on Birj before recreating it.[5]

The Landlaks are consequently seemingly extinct on Earth-616,[5] the only known alive Landlak being an alternate Terrax captured by the Illuminati and brought back into their universe.[6]



The Landlaks are usually telepathic.[2]

The mutant Terrax appears to be an exception. He has the powers of geokinesis which gave him mental control of earth,[7] but seemingly no telepathic ability.

Powers and Abilities






Extinct or close to (native population extinct, the only known alive Landlak is an alternate Terrax.


Type of Government

City State Dictatorships ruled by powerful families


Terrax the Tamer (Tyros), Terrax the Truly Enlightened (alternate), Mishna

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