The first Starshine was a young woman named Landra, who was from Galador.

Landra could emit light beams from her eyes and use them for various effects. She was initially partnered up with Rom and Terminator. However Terminator killed an innocent being in the course of one of their battles. Landra and Rom testified against him in a trial presided by the Prime Director of Galador. She had hoped her ally would be set for rehabilitation. Instead he was sentenced to death. Terminator actually faked his death but Landra would not find out about it until much later. When the Spaceknights broke ranks and went to separate space directions to locate the Dire Wraiths, Landra went alone. She proved one of the best Dire Wraith hunters, successfully tracking and eliminating her targets for two centuries. Unable to locate any more Dire Wraiths in her sector of space, Landra chose to return to Galador and get an update on how the war was going on.[citation needed]

In Galador she was captured by Mentus, Terminator and rogue Spaceknights. She and other captives were later rescued by Rom. When Galactus used his powers to transport Galador to a hidden location, the Spaceknights present were left stranded in space. Landra used her light powers to transport each Spaceknight to their last known location before returning to Galador. Since her last known location had no surviving Dire Wraiths, Landra chose to follow Rom to his last known location, Earth.[citation needed]

In Rom's absence the entire town of Clairton had been replaced with Dire Wraiths. The few surviving residents had been rescued by the Mole Man who led them in abducting and killing the disguised Dire Wraiths, one Wraith at a time. Rom and Landra decided to investigate. They were followed by Dire Wraiths in the forms of friends of Rom. The Wraiths fired at Rom's unguarded back while his attention was elsewhere. Landra used her body to protect her ally, resulting in her death. With her dying words Landra admitted being in love with Rom.[citation needed]


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