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Quote1 One of these broads has the power to hypnotize men! Didn't I say we needed more women in our ranks? Quote2


Early years[]

Lorelei was a native of the Savage Land whom Magneto transformed into a super-powered being using his advanced technology.[1]

When the X-Men first encountered the Savage Land Mutates, she used her power to hypnotize all the male members of the X-Men, leaving Marvel Girl free. Telekinetically opening Cyclops' visor, Jean Grey was able to destroy the mutating machine, causing all the Mutates to revert back to their former primitive selves. Lorelei wept at the loss of her powers and intelligence, though Cyclopes noted that she and the other mutates would be happier without being members of the outcast race of mutants.[2]

Lani Ubanu (Earth-616) from Cable & Deadpool Vol 1 49 0001

The machine was later repaired and the Savage Land Mutates returned, powers intact, to battle the Avengers. During this clash, Equilibrius summoned Lorelei after the Avengers defeated the male mutates. She used her hypnotic song to enthrall the male Avengers. However, Lorelei soon discovered that her power did not affect artificial beings, such as the Vision, and she was knocked unconscious.[3]

Brotherhood of Evil Mutants[]

Magneto, who had grown fond of mutate, later recruited Lorelei into an updated version of his Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. During a clash with the Defenders, Lorelei incapacitated Nighthawk but was defeated by Professor X.[4] Lorelei and her teammates in the Brotherhood were then reverted to infancy by Alpha, the Ultimate Mutant.[5]

Shortly afterward, the effects of the age regression were reversed by Eric the Red and Lorelei, Unus, and Blob joined Vanisher and battled the Champions of Los Angeles. The quartet defeated the Champions, but were soon captured by Darkstar, who used the Darkforce to manipulate a Sentinel like a puppet and capture the former Brotherhood members.[6]

Returning to the Savage Land[]

After her defeat with the Champions, Lorelei returned to the Savage Land and served as the right hand to the High Technician, an evil scientist who sought to rule the Savage Land using mutated dinosaur-men. Lorelei used her powers to hypnotize Falcon into joining them. However, Falcon's infrared lenses blocked out Lorelei's powers, and he brought Captain America and Diamondback to the High Technician's lair. Diamondback used a choking gas to stop Lorelei from using her powers, and she and the High Technician were soon defeated.[7]

After many years, Lorelei resurfaced with Brainchild and Piper, having mind-controlled Ka-Zar to serve her. The mutates made their lair in Magneto's old base on the Savage Land. Deadpool discovered the plot and freed Ka-Zar from Lorelei's control. Later, Lorelei and her allies attempted to escape on a pterodactyl, but Deadpool shot the creature's wing and sent the trio falling into a group of tyrannosaurus rexes.[8]

Lorelei survived the encounter, and later joined Ka-Zar with several other mutates to defend the Savage Land from Roxxon.[9]


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  • Hypnotic Singing: Lorelei possesses mutant/mutate hypnotic powers, she is able to mesmerize any or all males within hearing range by singing.[10][11]

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