Lao-Chung was one of the men who helped to build the Great Wall of China thousands of years ago and helped defend China from the Mongol Empire until his death. He was placed in a stone coffin near the Great Wall after his supposed death.[1]

In the spring of 1945, a man calling himself Lao-Chung appeared before Captain America and Bucky and assisted them in finding a Imperial Japanese invasion fleet which was using the tunnel below the Great Wall to try and invade China. To the two American heroes' surprise, Lao-Chung was able to withstand enemy fire and helped the heroes out of a few tight spots before eventually causing the tunnel to cave in on the Japanese invaders. As the tunnel was collapsing, Lao-Chung bid farewell to Captain America and Bucky and was buried with their enemies.[1]

Exiting the tunnel, Cap and Bucky came across Lao-Chung's coffin and wondered if the man they encountered was really a ghost.[1]


Lao-Chung has displayed a number of super-natural abilities.

  • Invisibility: He can render himself invisible.
  • Teleportation
  • Telekinesis
    • Lao-Chung can kill with a gesture. It has been unrevealed if he can kill through the use of his telekinetic powers or if he is using other powers.
    • He is also impervious to bullets and tank shells. It has been unrevealed if this is a telekinetic shield or if he is impervious through other powers.
  • Immortality: It has been hinted that Lao-Chung may be immortal.

It is unexplained if Lao-Chung is a ghost or has cheated death by any other means. His only recorded appearance seems to suggest that he is somehow linked to the Great Wall of China and apparently only appears when his homeland is threatened with invasion.

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