Laomedon was the King of Troy. He sired a daughter and a few sons.[1]

At some point, he asked Apollo and Poseidon to built impenetrable walls around his city, but refused to pay for their services, enraging them.[1]

In 1264 B.C., he asked Hercules to save her daughter from the Monster of Poseidon, promising him his herd of magical horses which could run on water in return.[1]

After Hercules was denied his reward, he returned to Troy berserk, wrecking havoc in the city while claiming the horses, and killed Laomedon and all of his sons, save for one.[1]

Laomedon was seemingly greedy or a cheater, asking for services for godly figures but denying payment on both occasions.[1]


He possessed a herd of magical horses that could run on water.[1]

It is stated that only one of Laomedon's son survived Hercules' wrath.[1] Presumably, given the chronology, and according to the myth, it is Priam.

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