The Large Magellanic Cloud was a dwarf galaxy that orbited the Milky Way. Also known as the Greater Magellanic Cloud, it was the home galaxy of the Kree Empire,[2] as well as the Vorms.[1] The Spartoi also controlled a small empire in the outlying systems of this galaxy.[3]

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  • As established in Captain Marvel #16, Kree-Lar and Hala were located a considerable distance from one another. The fact that they existed in different star systems, with Kree-Lar being in the Turunal star system, was confirmed in Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe #6.
  • The idea that the throne-city on Hala from where the Supreme Intelligence ruled the Kree Empire was also called "Kree-Lar" was introduced in Captain Marvel #46. This led to some confusion in subsequent stories, as when early issues of Silver Surfer Vol 3 mistakenly identified "Kree-Lar" as being the planet in the Pama star system where the Supreme Intelligence was located. However, later issues in that series went back to calling that same planet "Hala." No in-story explanation for this temporary name change has yet been provided.
  • A location caption in Captain America #398 stated that Hala was the fourth planet in the Pama star system. However, in Quasar #35, Epoch stated that the closet inhabited planet to Hala was "Turanal, the fourth planet in the Pama system." This contradiction has never been resolved.
  • The star system in which Kree-Pama was located has never been identified in-story. The idea that it could have also been in the Pama star system seems implausible.

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