A student at Salem Center High School, Larry Bodine was an outcast, bullied by his classmates and fearful of revealing his mutant nature. Walking near the school while a dance was being held, he found himself nervously invited in to dance by a visiting Kitty Pryde. As the night wore on, he slowly grew less nervous, befriending Pryde. After the dance, the two decided to visit Kitty's friends at Xavier Institute. Grabbing his coat on the way out, Larry found a note, put there by school bullies who hoped to take advantage of his nervous nature. The note said they knew he was a mutant and would tell the mutant-hunting group X-Factor.

At Xavier's school, Larry found himself fitting in with Kitty's friends (the New Mutants). Unaware they were mutants, he began telling anti-mutant jokes in an effort to fit in. Insulted, his new-found friends angrily left him, and he returned home, unknowingly followed by Wolfsbane, who doubted he was actually anti-mutant. Depressed and with his parents out of town, he attempted to drink away his sorrows, but found he couldn't stand the taste of alcohol. Going to his room, he was spied upon by Wolfsbane, who discovered his mutant nature and left to tell the others, after which Larry got a threatening call from the same students who had left the note.

The next morning, as the New Mutants and Kitty Pryde prepared for the day, and just as Wolfsbane was going to inform them of Larry's mutant nature, Magneto entered and informed them that he had committed suicide.

Kitty Pryde, mourning his passing, went to Larry's home, accidentally destroying his last light sculpture and finding his suicide note. Joined by Wolfsbane, the two found out that he'd killed himself because of the threats he'd received. Angered, Wolfsbane went to confront the people who had bullied him, but was herself confronted by her fellow teammates, who told her what she intended wasn't the right way to mourn Larry. The next day at an assembly at Larry's school, Kitty read a speech on respect in his honor.


Photokinesis: Bodine was able to create holographic constructs that dissolved when touched.

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