Dr. Lars Krool was a mad scientist who was active during the 1940s. From his secluded laboratory in the mountains, he became obsessed with testing the limits of human sanity. To this end, he tested on mice using mazes that utilized various tricks and traps that eventually drove the mice insane. Stepping up to human tests he developed a gigantic "super-maze" and then lured a young woman named Alice Jones to his home under the false pretense that he had information regarding her lover Charles Paine. Krool then took the girl hostage and sent a letter to Paine demanding her come to her aid.

When Paine rushed to Krool's castle, he dropped Krool's letter, and it was picked up by the Whizzer who decided to lend Paine a hand. Meanwhile, Krool had forced Paine into his super-maze forcing him to run through the various traps in order to save Alice's life. The Whizzer then arrived and after bringing Charles to safety, managed to blaze through the maze and defeat all its traps. Krool then attempted to kill Alice by unleashing a feral tiger on her, but the Whizzer managed to rescue her and bring Charles to safety.

Facing capture, Krool then attempted to escape by jumping down into a lower level of his maze, landing into a pit filled with grenades. The resulting explosion apparently killed him.[1]


Krool developed a "Super-Maze" that was rigged with various tricks and traps that were supposed to drive a man insane. Traps included treadmills, rooms that required to maze-goer to circle over 1000 times to gain passage further, bombs, and trap doors. It also had a feral tiger hidden within.

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