Lars Wender and his twin brother Erik were energy-wielding mutants that acted like a living conduit. They could transfer massive amounts of energy between themselves. Lars and Erik had been raised by the Department of Defense since they were kids in order to further expand their abilities by gradually building up the power so they could manifest it collectively.

The brothers would venture out with covert ops teams to the targeted cities of the government's choice and have them black out the entire area and then send the power they had absorbed back to the other so they could target those specific countries and unload that exponential energy as a weapon to destroy them.[3]

Not long after, Lars was seen in a containment pod inside the Raft's transference chamber when Mach V snuck inside to learn what the organization F.A.C.T. had been withholding from them. He recorded a visual image of Lars and sent it back to the Thunderbolts as he was being chased by soldiers in similar armors based on his technology.[4]

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