This mutant had been sent among an Annex Squad, with two others: the Agent X-13 and a powers-inhibitor mutant, by the authority of Earth-TRN113 when the first recon force had been destroyed by Forge's efforts.[1] Those were looking for realities with less of mutants to defend them, having been affected by the M-Day, in order to annex them for an unknown reason linked to a speculated toxicity of the Ghost Boxes, trans-reality transportation devices.

They invest the city of Tian as a base of operation and were tracked during their mission of observations on the X-Men and mutants of Earth-616 by the "New Mutants".

The two antagonist teams end up in Tian, where the invaders looked for a power-source to charge their Ghost Box.[2] As the city was powered by the Chinese mutant community living there, dead since the M-Day, they couldn't find it, and so Agent X-13 split from the group with the Box.

The X-Men eventually came to Tian, and were attacked by the last artificial mutant and the two remaining scouts. As the powers-inhibitor mutant attacked Storm and Emma Frost, this one attacked Wolverine and Armor, his beams passing through her armor.

He was taken down by Wolverine, interrogated about who was behind the current secret war and let died, bleeding to death.[3]


  • Laser Beam Generation: This mutant had the ability to strike laser beams from the tips of his fingers.
  • Superhuman Agility
  • Mind Shielding: This mutant was able to shield his mind in a certain degree (he wasn't detected by Emma Frost at the X-Men's arrival on Tian.[4]

  • Being from an alternate reality, his mutation differed from mutants on Earth-616 in that his X-Gene was not on the 23rd chromosome, but instead on chromosome 13,[5] explaining the possible immunity of his kind regarding to the M-Day, and his "invisibility" to Cerebra's detection.
  • This mutant was never named, nor was even given any designation to describe him.

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