Lasher was rather cynical; he would have immediately killed Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson-Parker because he was hungry and wanted to go to eat. He held Mary Jane while Andros was massacring Peter.[1]
He was overconfident when he attacked Spider-Man alone at the Multivex ambush. He electrocuted Spider-Man, but the hero weathered the attack and easily knocked him out.[2]
The day after, he captured Peter Parker and when Spider-Man arrived he tried again to hit him, but wasn't fast enough. He broke the supports of the floor instead, and fell down.[3]
Some days later he was in an abandoned factory, injured, probably with a broken arm, and was caught in the pumpkin bomb's explosion.[4]


Lasher could produce energy tentacles that could be used for binding someone or something, cutting through substances, or electrocuting targets.


His characteristic weapon was laser tentacles coming out his right hand. His tentacles could bond a person without harm him, or could easily cut a web or a floor, and they could also produce electrical shocks. His face has a mask that covers the most part of it but sometime it covers only a half of the face.

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