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Struggling to deal with the fact her mother was taking her and her brother, Billy away from their father, Sadie was sitting outside her home when she came across a strange dog. She briefly explained her situation and longing for her family to reconnect and bond before heading inside both to pack, and to tell Billy about the dog.[1]

The dog wandered into the house behind Sadie, looking at her parents' current argument before a mysterious influence caused the dog's symbiote, Hybrid, to split into four and begin violently bonding to the family. Sadie attempted to save her family members, but ultimately fell victim to the Lasher symbiote.[1]

The family, with new purpose, drove to New York,[1] and were commanded to hunt down Normie Osborn for his codex. Tracking him to Rex Strickland's warehouse in Manhattan, the symbiotes encountered resistance from The Maker, who managed to briefly free Sadie from Lasher and attempted to kill her before the two reconnected, but was stopped by the other Life Foundation symbiotes. However, Maker was able to detach them from the symbiotes and kept them in his test tubes.[2]

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Seemingly those of the Lasher symbiote.

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