Lazlo claimed his talent for design made him valued by various governments. He designed The Program used to empower the current Slorenian champion, Volkvhy. He also apparently designed Black Brigade's cybernetics.[1]

However, he grew 'bored' with his activities, looking for some fun to pass the time as an immortal. Building an armor and traveling to the US, he joined up with Sanction and Gunship to form the Rush Club. They had already defeated an unknown number of other wearers before dealing with Quarry. Quarry agreed to fight them, but then tried to leave. He managed to run into James Rhodes. As War Machine, Jim battled the group. War Machine continued to follow the group, defeating Gunship. Laslo deemed that they must keep their games secret and that further confrontations with War Machine would be foolish. They set up an ambush with Sanction using an EMP to temporarily stop Jim.[2]

Laslo took War Machine to Slorenia. He said the Rush Club was no more and Jim's heroism had convinced him to do something about the various atrocities done by the current Slorenian government. In actuality, he was trying to use the centuries-old civil war to his benefit. The two fought their way to a palace that served as Ember's base. War Machine battled Black Brigade as Locomotive Breath made his way to Ember's "Triptych", planning to use its energies just as he had used Volkvhy's "program". In the cellars beneath the palace, Locomotive Breath managed to locate the Triptych. War Machine caught up with him and attacked, but Locomotive Breath struck him away, and opened the Triptych, only to be overwhelmed and seemingly destroyed by its power. [1]


  • Talent for design similar to that of Forge.[1]
  • Laslo claims he is 'all but immortal'.[1]
  • Wears a massive armor that augments his strength and durability.


Brilliant inventor

Strength level

At least 85 tons


He built his own powered Locomotive Breath armor, which gave him a very high degree of superhuman strength, and was nigh-invulnerable.

  • Locomotive Breath is the name of a Jethro Tull song.

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