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After the choices made by Peter Parker during his campaign against the returned Sin-Eater, his choice to leave Norman Osborn for the villain helps Kindred step out into the open to make his move against the web-head, aiming to take him to a dark corner of his soul. With Sin-Eater successful, Kindred takes all the demonic sins collected to possess the Order of the Web for their alliance with Peter and holding his totem. Seeking help from Doctor Strange, the veteran sorcerer finds a dark imprint in Peter and cannot help him directly, forcing Black Cat to steal an artifact and force Peter to directly find Kindred. But with a losing battle and his friends destroying themselves and New York, Peter's self-sacrifice leads to Kindred revealing himself as Harry Osborn and leaves an impact on Spider-Man's life.

Concurrently, Mary Jane returns from filming only to be caught in the crossfire of Kindred's fury, and recruited by Norman Osborn to save Peter and Harry, the latter having a plan to destroy New York to torment Peter. Once The Order of the Web are free, they're assisted by Doctor Strange and Black Cat, pushing their own limits to the edge to find Kindred also and face-off against Sin-Eater endowed with Morlun's powers. Although victorious, they're forced into Kindred's dinner party, the demon's mentality divulged, and his thought process explaining his wrath on Peter. In a major twist, all are saved by Norman Osborn with aid by Wilson Fisk, imprisoning Kindred in Darkforce at Ravencroft where Norman fails at all turns to revive Kindred's humanity.

Subsequently, Peter refuses further involvement with the Osborns, while the Order of the Web review events and go out to capture Ravencroft's escaped inmates. As Carlie Cooper covers up Peter's connections to the corpses at Kindred's party, her discovery of an extra body is silenced and she is captured by one of Kindred's centipedes. Lost and devastated, Peter receives a private therapy session from Mary Jane to regain his hope, while she learns from Mysterio that the truth of Kindred is too much for her. Finding the source of the damage upon Peter's soul, Doctor Strange confronts Mephisto deducing the demon's direct influence.



  • This story is also lead up for the Sinister War as Kindred's endgame.

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