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After Sergei Kravinoff's botched resurrection at the hands of his wife and children, he and his daughter Ana Kravinoff hunted and killed the other members of their family - Vladimir, Alyosha, and Sasha Kravinoff. Following this, Sergei attempted to break the curse of immortality placed on him by his botched resurrection, though this proved unsuccessful.[1][2]

Dissatisfied with only having a daughter to carry on his legacy, Sergei travelled to Wundagore Mountain and forced the High Evolutionary to create 87 clone "sons" - Ana leaving him in disgust and outrage when she learned what he was doing. Dismissing his daughter as worthless, Sergei took his 87 sons to the Savage Land and trained them in the ways of the hunt until he deemed them ready, sending them out into the world with the task of proving themselves worthy of his legacy. Deeming his brethren to be weak and unworthy, one of the Sons of Kraven hunted and killed each of his 86 "brothers" before returning to the Savage Land and giving their skulls to Kraven, who was overcome with pride at his Last Son's ruthlessness and named him his heir.[3]

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