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Quote1 If yer an innocent country bein' stomped on by some tin-plated despot? Quote2
Colonel Nick Fury[src]

Latveria, officially Kingdom of Latveria is a small country within Eastern Europe. It's capital and largest city is Doomstadt. It is ruled by Dr. Victor von Doom aka Doctor Doom.


14th Century[]

During the 14th century, along with Rudolfo Haasen, Karl Haasen captured territory from Transylvania and founded Latveria. Rudolfo became its first king, King Rudolfo I, and Karl became royalty Baron Karl Hassen.[3]

15th Century[]

After the death of Baron Karl Haasen III in 1447, Vlad Draasen ascended to the throne of Latveria, and his difficult rule divided the country (until 1544, when the Bolgorad Treaties restored the Haasen bloodline to the throne).[3]

16th Century[]

In 1588 AD, Count Sabbat and King Stefan I began the construction of a castle (who would become the Castle Doom) and a second was constructed in 1593 (now Citadel of Doom).[3]

Early 20th Century[]

World War II[]

During World War II, the Fortunov Family retained control on the throne. The latest king was Vladimir Vassily Gonereo Tristian Mangegi Fortunov, Baron of Sabbat, Baron of Haasen, Baron of Krozi. Even then, the country was a technological leader and Baron Wolfgang von Strucker solicited their help in exchange for not overrunning the country with Nazis.[4][verification needed]

Latveria forged an alliance with Symkaria, and the two nations resisted Strucker's invading forces.[3]

Although Latveria was spared from the Nazi war machine, the Fortunov took notes on leadership from Adolf Hitler.[4][verification needed]

Modern Age[]

Reign of the Fortunov Family[]

After the war Fortunov became an even more ruthless leader, in which he began persecuting the local Romani clans.[5] One of the clans, the Zefiro, had one of the greatest healers in Europe; Werner von Doom and his wife Cynthia a practitioner of magic. They gave birth to their son Victor von Doom shortly before Cynthia's death.[5] Cynthia became fed up with the constant persecution of her people and made a pact with the demon Mephisto for more power in exchange for her soul. The spell gave her power and she wiped out an entire town, including its women and children, something that horrified Cynthia. She later fell by one of the King's soldiers.[6] Other prominent Zefiro's were Werner's best friend Boris[5] and his granddaughter Valeria, whom was friends and later the lover of Victor.[7]

Doomstadt from Mighty Thor Vol 1 410 001

Years later, Werner was asked by the King to try and cure his wife of cancer. When he failed he took himself and Victor into the Latverian Alps to flee retribution. While they escaped imprisonment, by the time Boris and the others found them, Werner had suffered severe frostbite and later died of exposure. Before his death, Werner had Boris promise to look after Victor. Furious over the death of his parents, Victor found his mothers trunk of arcane objects and began studying both magic and science. He became a thorn in the King's side for years until he was asked to study at State University in the United States of America. There Victor became obsessed with contacting the afterlife resulting in an accident that scared his face. He later returned to Latveria in an iron suit and calling himself Doctor Doom.[5] With his advanced skills in science and sorcery he gathered his people together and overthrew the King, slaying him and taking over Latveria for his own.[8]

Reign of Doom[]

During Doom's long rule of the country, the Zefiro were no longer persecuted and likely dispersed among the general population.

Rotruvia's Annexation[]

Early in his rule, Doctor Doom built a weapon of mass destruction with the intent to intimidate and annex Rotruvia, the small neighboring country whose entire economy depended on the exportation of Molynite, of which 94% of the global export corresponded to them, a power source irreplaceable for potential future electronic innovations and weaponry.

The Avengers questioned whether or not they should intervene. On Thor's suggestion, they sought the help of omniscient Asgardian god Heimdall, who informed the heroes that if they acted against Doom, they would win the battle but lose the war.

Having chosen to interfere regardless of Heimdall's warning, the Avengers were transported by the Asgardian gatekeeper to the battlefield, and aided the Rotruvian army (far lesser in numbers and already suffering casualties). The heroes stopped Doom and destroyed his weapon. However, a failsafe measure caused it to disperse an alchemical radiation that eliminated every trace of Molynite in their land. In order to avoid an economic meltdown, Rotruvia's regent (under the protection of the Avengers) was forced to accept Doom's terms of surrender and the country was annexed.[9]

Puternicstan's Invasion[]

When Strelonivich was ten years old, the Latverian army replaced a four-year Symkarian occupation of the contested land of Puternicstan. They seemingly oppressed the locals as much as the Symkarians, and when the Soviets came, their occupation brought a relative rest in comparison.[10]


At some point, Doom intended to marry a local princess, Princess Lenka of Symkaria and make her queen of Latveria. Lenka's father had offered her to Doom to cement political bonds between their countries, while Doom was after her magical potential, as she was to become mother of the next Sorcerer Supreme, or attain the title herself. Opposed by Silver Sable, Doctor Strange and Spider-Man, Doom even went to the extent of attacking the Symkarian Embassy in New York City to prevent the wedding of Lenka with Marek, but withdrew when the wedding had been performed.[11]

To this day Boris remains ever faithful to Doom, while Valeria was killed by Doom and her skin fashioned into a suit of enchanted armor.[12] Doom has kept the nation protected from international affairs and economic downturns. Doom's personal patents in the field of high technology and specially robotics are the main export of the country.[citation needed]

Though he has been dethroned a number of times, von Doom has inevitably managed to return to the throne of his country and restore the nation to economic prosperity within a matter of months.[citation needed]

Despite (or perhaps because of) its complete lack of a native super-hero populace, Latveria boasts an unparalleled rate of safety. The nation was policed by guardian robots designed and manufactured by Doctor Doom himself. Due to Doom's constant activities that drove him away from Latveria, the monarch was often absent.[citation needed]

After Doom's descent to Hell at the hands of the Fantastic Four, the nation became a target for conquest by the neighboring countries. Iron Man alluded to the fact that several dictators might have attempted to rule Latveria in Doom's absence or that, while Doom went through one of his famous disappearances, other people might take over before Doom came back and deposed them.[13][citation needed] Doom also used Doombots, robotic versions of himself, to keep the peace while he was away.[citation needed]

Victor von Doom (Earth-616) from Books of Doom Vol 1 6 001

Andro, the first of an android army, developed a mind of its own, and refused to obey Doom. He has since led rebellions against Doom in attempts to liberate his robotic brethren.[citation needed]

The Marquis of Death, a mysterious interdimensional traveler, destroyed much of Latveria and severely reduced the population. The damage he caused was altered by Doom's use of time travel, and the Marquis himself was killed by Doom for the attack.[citation needed]

Red Skull has been able on two occasions to occupy Latveria, but these coups were undone within days.[citation needed]

The Fantastic Four once occupied Latveria, but surrendered the country in the face of mounting international pressure.[citation needed]


During the Doomwar, Latveria entered in conflict with the Kingdom of Wakanda. The relations between the two countries are vague, it is know that the two kingdoms maintained a treaty of unknown form (i.e. trade or non-aggression pact). When Wakanda refused a proposed alliance by Doom, on the grounds that neither the King (Black Panther) or Queen Consort (Storm) of Wakanda could trust Doom,[14] Doom invaded the country for its rich natural resource of Vibranium. This conflict effectively destroyed any former treaties or alliances.[citation needed]

After the contested land Puternicstan discovered Uranium in its soil, Symkarian troops massed on the border, and Latveria seemingly advanced on Romanian territory, prompting the NATO[15] and the UN to declare a no-fly zone, to prevent a conflict over Puternicstan in the territorial dispute opposing Latveria and Symkaria.[16]

Despite the no-fly zone, the Symkarian air-fighters violated their air-space as soon as a Sentinel was spotted in Puternicstan, and the no-fly zone was cancelled, the U.N. considering that Symkaria had every right it take steps to defend itself.

Doom's Abdication[]

After the multiverse restoration, and following a change of heart that accompanied having his facial features restored,[17] Victor von Doom abdicated the throne of Latveria.[18] Doom put in charge the top military mind in the country, General Karadick, who had agreed to help restructure the government and turn the country into a free state, so he could then relinquish power to a democratically-elected leader.[19]

Doomstadt from Infamous Iron Man Vol 1 4 003

War-torn Latveria

Temporary Regime of General Karadick[]

However, under General Karadick's leadership, the country fell into a civil war under the actions of rebels and revolutionaries, and became a vulnerable target of attacks from neighboring countries.[18] The two warring factions in this war were the conservative terrorist group Doom's Children led by Octavio von Bardas[20] (protecting their views of Doom's legacy) and the radical Latverian New Prosperity Alliance (promoting the end of Doom's laws).[21] The struggle between the two groups, presented as terrorists, was central into the US presidential elections.[20][21] Clashes between both forces provoked great damages as Loki (then US presidential candidate) led to Latverian New Prosperity Alliance to obtain Doom-issued weapons, when opposed by Doom's Children, use them with literally explosive consequences, killing dozens including Doom's Children's leader Octavio von Bardas.[21] This temporary also regime didn't cooperated with S.H.I.E.L.D.[18]

US Protection[]

Latveria soon fell under United States protection (announced by the deployment of War Machine) until a preliminary democratic government could be implemented.[22] When Doom traveled to Latveria for personal matters, he was disgusted by the state of his country, confronted General Karadick, and ordered him to locate professor Angela Kror, who would be an excellent chancellor to help him put together a proper government structure.[19]

Failed Democracy[]

International arms and drugs dealer Geraldo Lucky facilitated Lucia von Bardas' return to the country, and she improved the nation's infrastructure to garner support from the troops.[23] With the objective to consolidate Latveria as a world power, von Bardas orchestrated a terrorist attack on a gala at the Smithsonian which almost killed S.H.I.E.L.D.'s second-in-command Sharon Carter.[24] With S.H.I.E.L.D.'s hands tied due to lack of actual proof to blame von Bardas for the attack, Carter convinced rookie superhero Ironheart to confront von Bardas on her own as third party unaffiliated to S.H.I.E.L.D.[25]

Williams' intervention proved to be more efficient than expected. Not only did the young hero defeat von Bardas in combat, but also declared herself Latveria's new monarch,[26] gaining the support of General Karadick and the army due to her empathy for their situation. When S.H.I.E.L.D. met up with Ironheart, Williams de-escalated tensions between the army and civilians, and subsequently had Carter agree to her list of demands, which namely consisted of helping improve the quality of life of Latverians. Ironheart subsequently abdicated, leaving Latveria close to holding its first free elections.[27]

The Latverian democracy failed, and the country ultimately fell into the hands of a tyrant president for life. Even though Doom had returned to Castle Doom, he had secluded himself and paid no attention to the struggle of his nation. The leader of the resistance, Zora Vukovic, infiltrated Castle Doom to confirm the rumors of Doom's return and beg for his help. Though he was initially unwilling, Zora's words inspired Victor to pull himself together and confront the despotic forces causing pain to Latveria's citizens.[28]



  • The location of Latveria seems to have been retconned over the years:
    • One account states it is bordered by Serbia/Montenegro (at west), Romania (at north and east), Transylvania (at south-east) and Symkaria (at south-west).[1]
    • Another one presents it landlocked by Hungary at the west and north-west, Transylvania to the east, and Serbia on the south.[29]
    • Another map confirms the position of Latveria and Symkaria in the junction between Romania, Hungary and Serbia, while also showing Latveria as separated from Serbia by Puternicstan,[10] a territory disputed between Symkaria and Latveria.[15]
    • Another Latverian map showed the cities of Radauti, Suceava, Campulung, Falticeni and Pascani.[30] These are real places in the Bukovina/Moldavia region of north-eastern Romania.
    • In 1937 the Orient Express passed through Hassenstadt (later Doomstadt),[31] which would support a location in the north of the Banat region between Romania, Hungary and Serbia, but not a location south of the Carpathians.

It shares with Symkaria the border of Lichtenbad.[32]

Colossus also hinted Transylvania was located to the west of the Latveria-Symkaria region.[15]

It formerly bordered Rotruvia, which Doom annexed in the early days of his rule.[9]

Surrounded by the Carpathians to the north and the Malhela range to the south, Latveria has remained protected from the strife of neighboring countries.[1]


The major languages of Latveria are German, Hungarian, Latverian (a local dialect of Hungarian), and Romany (an Indic language of the Romani, spoken in many dialects).[1]


The monetary unit used in Latveria is the Latverian Franc.[1] "Doom would not break until his body does, and neither shall I." or a close approximation of this phrase is written on the bottom of all Latverian currency.[33]

Doom's personal patents in the branch of technology that deals with the design, construction, operation, and application of robots. Doom is known to export patents of his robots to other countries in favor of the public treasury of his country, however these patents are generally outdated by Doom's standards and the latest designs are kept for himself and the Latverian Army. Furthermore, many (if not all) of Doom's robots feature a self-destruct device, so that Doom can personally destroy them should they be used against him. Doom's personal patents in the branch of physics and technology concerned with the design of circuits using transistors and microchips, and with the behavior and movement of electrons in a semiconductor, conductor, vacuum, or gas.[citation needed]


Quote1 We live - and die - for the Baron. Quote2
—Elite Doom Guards[34]

The Latverian Army numbering 2000 men and approximately 500 Servo-Guard robots.[citation needed] It is comprised of both the Latverian Ground Forces and Latverian Air Force. Doctor Doom serves as the Commander-in-Chief of the Latverian Armed Forces. The Latverian Armed Forces are trained to be absolutely loyal and efficient. With the military dogma being victory or death, but never defeat.The human soldiers of the Latverian Armed Forces remain brave when defending Latveria, however they have been reported to become cowardly when fighting superhuman threats, unless Doctor Doom himself is present on the battlefield.[citation needed]

  • Elite Doom Guards[34][citation needed]
  • Doom's Personal Guard: Formed of at least 1000 Servo-Guards and 50 Latverian humans (as an alleged propaganda tool, to show Doom values humans too).[citation needed]
  • Doom Squad: Formed by Doctor Doom from four of the best human soldiers in the Latverian Armed Forces. They were provided with high-tech battle-suits, designed by Doom himself; “To defeat the Fantastic Four”.[citation needed]
  • Seven Daggers of Latveria: The Seven Daggers of Latveria is a group of mutants from Latveria who are loyal to Dr. Doom and were all at one point rescued by Doom from humans. Doctor Doom trained them all for at least a year, and revealed to the Daggers that he had foreseen Krakoa's unavoidable fall and that Latverian mutants would be safe if they stayed there.

Latveria lacks an official standing navy, due to being a landlocked country.[1] Latverian merchant ships fly a Civil ensign "argent, on a shield of the first fimbriated or an eagle displayed of the second, bearing on the breast an escutcheon of the second; on an inescutcheon of the first fimbriated gules the letter D azure".[35]

Politic and international relations[]

Flag of Latveria from Doom The Emperor Returns Vol 1 1 001
  • National Motto: "We master all that lies before".[36]

The capital city of Latveria is "Hassenstadt" later renamed Doomstadt, located just north of the Klyne River. The administrative center is Castle Doom.[1]

For centuries the nation had been ruled by the Fortunov family as an absolute monarchy. The later adopted a constitutional monarchy with the Prime minister being no more than a puppet to the king. This however came to an end when Doctor Doom took over his native land. Internationally Doctor Doom's rule and regime is recognized to be a dictatorship, due to the combined factors of Doom's rule with total power over the country and his obtainment of power by force. In practice and by his own admission, Doom's rule is that of an absolute monarch, or as Doom prefers to call it an "Enforced Monarchy".

He created his own nation holiday "Doom's Day" an eclectic holiday, celebrated whenever Doom declares it.[1]

The day chosen by Doom as the anniversary of Latveria's founding was his mother's birthday.[37]

They are now a member of the United Nations.[citation needed] This allowed them to have political envoys across the globe such as the Latverian Embassy in the United States of America.[citation needed]


Victor von Doom (Earth-616) from Unbeatable Squirrel Girl Vol 2 22

Latverian travel passport

Education in Latveria, seems to be provided for by the government (in this case Doom), based on Doom's mention of education being universal in Doomwar when showing Earth under his control to the Panther Goddess (Bast); thus one can assume that if Doom provides universal education when he rules the world, then he would provide it in Latveria. However, the education is most likely controlled by Doom, and thus various subjects and taught concepts are most likely censored.[1] However given Doom's substantial intellect and appreciation for the arts it's likely science, mathematics, technology, history and art are core subjects. It's a requirement to graduate from high school regardless of the discipline to memorize the body schematics and the code required to produce core Doombot engrams, for which, essentially, every Latverian high school graduate should be able to know how to build a Doombot.[33]


Due to technological advancements far beyond anything in any other nation Latveria has managed to remain unfouled by industrial pollutants. Because of Doom's many weapons and his mere presence in Latveria the country is considered a world superpower. See Doctor Doom's robots.[citation needed]

Points of Interest

  • Boars' Vale[36]
  • Castle von Doom (Castle Doom): Located within Doomstadt, the castle was constructed in 1588 by King Stefan I and Count Sabbat. It serves as Doom's royal and official residence.[citation needed]
  • Doom Falls[36]
  • Folding City: An experiment in space/time began by Doctor Doom that left the entire complex phased outside normal perception and interaction.[citation needed]
  • Werner Academy: It is named in honour of Doctor Doom's father Werner von Doom.[36]
  • Kron Victory Sward: Located within Doomstadt.[citation needed]
  • Cynthia von Doom Memorial Park: Located within Doomstadt. It is named in honour of Doctor Doom's mother Cynthia von Doom.[citation needed]
  • Doomstadt Rathauz: Located within Doomstadt.[citation needed]
  • Doomstadt Rail Station: Located within Doomstadt.[citation needed]
  • Latverian Academy of the Sciences: Located within Doomstadt.[citation needed]
  • Monument Park: Located within Doomstadt.[citation needed]
  • St. Peter Church: Located within Doomstadt.[citation needed]
  • St. Blaise Church: Located within Doomstadt.[citation needed]
  • Tammenek Valley: Located to the south of the former capital. Scene of Doom's final victory before he marched to the capital and killed King Vladimir.[8]
  • Heroic Andrew Boulevard: Located within Doomstadt.[citation needed]
  • Old Town of Doomstadt: Located within Doomstadt and being overlooked by Castle von Doom (Castle Doom).[citation needed]
  • Slokovia: A neighboring nation, which was divided by religious strife when its people began to worship the Asgardian Thunder God Thor; when the country's rulers were overthrown, Doom expanded Latveria's borders by quietly annexing the country.[38]
  • Latverian Southern Border: The Latverian border to the Kingdom of Symkaria, it is located alongside the Draken River.[citation needed]
  • Doomsport Airport: The only airport for the country, Doomsport lies on the southern outskirts of Doomstadt. It maintains two runways and a modern terminal, but flights into and out of Doomsport are quite limited.[citation needed] Also known as Latverian International Airport.[30]

Capital City[]

  • Doomstadt: Capital city and seat of the Kingdom of Dr. Victor von Doom, located just north of the Kline River.[citation needed]

Major Cities[]



Lakes and Rivers[]

Alternative Realities[]

Earth-295 (Age of Apocalypse)[]

An ancient castle located within Latveria, was where Victor von Doom was raised as royalty in its ruins. After a Mutant uprising, Latveria was turned into a processing facility. All unworthy, criminal or threatening mutants in Europe are sent there and turned into a primordial genetic soup to be used for scientific experiments. Due to its lucrative genetic production, Latveria is afforded some autonomy by both Weapon Omega's empire in the west and Omega Red's empire in the east who both desire its gene-pools. It eventually came under the control of Emma Frost. Victor von Doom brokered a deal with her to allow the human Latverian population to survive in camps instead of being exterminated.[citation needed]

Earth-311 (1602)[]

Latveria is ruled by Count Otto von Doom, to whom imprisoned the Four from the Fantastick within Castle Doom. Resultantly, the castle was attacked by a collection of heroes who tried to free the Four from the Fantastick.[citation needed]

Earth-928 (2099 A.D.)[]

Various power struggles over the fate of Latveria, end with most of the country destroyed by nanites.[citation needed]

Earth-1610 (Ultimate Universe)[]

Dr. Victor Van Damme returned to Latveria, and in six months turned the country around. Latveria went from being a Third World nation to the ninth-richest country in the world. While seemingly happy, the citizens of Latveria are bearers of Doom's Dragon tattoos (mind control devices). He was revered by its citizens, who referred to him as "the good doctor".[41] The devastating Ultimatum event, which caused global catastrophe, left Latveria to suffer a little ice age; covering the entire nation under deep snow and ice.[42]

Earth-2149 (Zombieverse)[]

During the devastation of Latveria by zombified super heroes, Castle Doomstadt became the last remaining location on the planet which had any uninfected humans. It was besieged by zombies attempting to breach past its magical force field. Several hordes of zombified heroes eventually managed to break through the force field, and the castle was ransacked by the invaders. The remaining surviving Latverian citizens were teleported safely into a different dimension by Doctor Doom.[citation needed]

Earth-6160 (Maker's Ultimate Universe)[]

Latveria from Ultimate Invasion Vol 1 2 001

The Latveria of Earth-6160

In this reality, crafted by The Maker of Earth-1610, Latveria served as the location of his headquarters known as the City.[43]

Earth-9047 (Humorverse)[]

Latveria from What The--?! Vol 1 10 001

Latveria (Earth-9047)

Alternatively known as Latveria[44] Flatveria[45] or Blatveria[46], it is Doctor Doof's headquarters.

The Latverian Embassy appears in the Guide to Super-Villains' Homes.[47]

Earth-9997 (Earth-X)[]

Castle Doom (within Latveria), formally served as the residence of Victor von Doom (until his death), and then served as the residence of Reed Richards (who had taken to wearing a Dr. Doom's armor and living in Doom's old castle). Following the construction of the "Human Torches", Reed Richards resumed residence at Castle Doom with Benjamin Grimm (Thing) and his family (Alicia Masters-Grimm/Buzz Grimm/Chuck Grimm) as well as Adam Warlock (Him) and Ayesha (Her).[citation needed]

Earth-58163 (House of M)[]

New Latveria, one of the last remaining Human societies in a Mutant dominated world. It is ruled by the Latverian Royal Family, the von Doom's.

Earth-93726 (Humorverse 2099)[]

On Earth-93726, happening in the year 2099, Latveria is called the Kingdom of Latvania and was described as the lost kingdom of Ducktor Doom. Spider-Ham believed that Ducktor Doom was on a quest to recover control over Latvania, but this was later proven false - Doom was not that ambitious.[48]

Earth-121698 (Fantastic Four movies)[]

Though not shown in the first film, it was mentioned when Doom's company investors suggested him to go back to his home country of Latveria. Also, the inscription on the glass case containing the iconic mask says that it was a presentation from the citizens of Latveria for Doom's services. It shown in the second film, as it was where Doom had been transported to after his defeat in the first film.


Prominent Citizens:[49]

  • Latros Moldavia (Earth-616): Latverian engineer, who assisted in the creation of the (Venom Virus/Venom Bomb) Orbital Satellite.
  • King Vladimir Vassily Gonereo Tristian Mangegi Fortunov: Tyrannical ruler, who was especially harsh to the Roma who lived in Latveria's borders. He ordered the murder of both of Doom's parents; (Mother, Cynthia and Father, Werner). He was personal killed by Doom.
  • Cynthia von Doom: Mystic of the Zefiro tribe (Doom's Romani clan) and mother of Doctor Doom. Through a Faustian deal with the demon Mephisto, her soul remained with his claim for years, until (after decades of attempts), Doctor Doom rescued her soul from Mephisto. The Cynthia von Doom Memorial Park, within the Latverian capital city; Doomstadt is named in her honour.
  • Werner von Doom: A talented doctor of the Zefiro tribe (Doom's Romani clan) and father of Doctor Doom. He gave his life protecting his son from the forces of King Vladimir Fortunov; the Werner Academy in Latveria is named in his honour.
  • Boris: Doom's Zefiro tribe guardian (Doom's Romani clan) since childhood. He is Doom's closest confidant and somewhat unofficial adopted father.
  • Prince Rudolfo Fortunov: The former crown prince of Latveria before his family was ousted as rulers by Doctor Doom. He currently leads the Latverian underground, opposing Doom's rule and has prepared several coups to overthrow him.
  • Prince Zorba Fortunov:
  • Dimitri Fortunov:
  • Kristoff Vernard: Son of a Latverian woman loyal to Doom, who was killed by a robot under Prince Zorba Fortunov's control. The woman's death was an insult to Doom, who considered her life under his protection, thus Doom took the orphaned Kristoff Vernard under his care and had him raised in the royal palace; Doom soon became quite fond of Kristoff Vernard and decided to make him his heir.
  • Lucia von Bardas: Former teacher at the University of North Carolina, she was elected to the position of Prime Minister of Latveria, with assistance by the American Government during one of Doom's absences. She was removed from power by a black-ops team of superheroes led by S.H.I.E.L.D. Director Nick Fury, after information was discovered that she was funding the activities of super-villains.
  • Valeria: The teenage love of Doom's life, she was from the Zefiro tribe (Doom's Romani clan) and was the granddaughter of Doom's Zefiro tribe guardian Boris. Doom sacrificed her to the Demons known as the Haazareth Three, to increase his mystical powers.
  • Robert Doom: Distant cousin of Doctor Doom.
  • Djordji Zindelo Hungaros: The Zefiro mystic who trained Doom's mother, Cynthia von Doom, in the mystical arts.
  • Ambassador Jakob Gorzenko: Served as Latveria's chief representative to the United States of America.
  • Ambassador Arturo Frazen: Installed as ambassador, during the temporary rule of Prince Zorba Fortunov.
  • Hans Stutgart: A Latverian agent, situated within the United States of America.
  • Fydor Gittrlsohn: One of Doom's chief scientists. Currently, deceased.
  • Otto Kronsteig: One of Doom's chief scientists. Currently, deceased.
  • Gustav Hauptmann: One of Doom's chief scientists. He was a forming Nazi scientist in the service of Adolf Hitler and the Red Skull; he was killed by Doom, due to damage he nearly caused to a collection of priceless pieces of artwork owned by Doom.
  • Gert Hauptmann:One of Doom's chief scientists. His betrayals of Doom, led to his death.
  • Editor: Tasked with rewriting Latverian history to conform with Doom's worldview.
  • The Mengo Brothers: A pair of international mercenaries.
    • Stanislaus Mengochuzcraus (Earth-616): One-half of the international mercenaries, known as the Mengo Brothers.
    • Grigori Mengochuzcraus (Earth-616): One-half of the international mercenaries, known as the Mengo Brothers.
  • The Kroft Family: A family of Vampire hunters, during the 16th to the 19th Century. They helped to drive Vampires from Latveria's borders.
    • Wilhelm Kroft (Earth-616): Vampire hunter of the Kroft Family, helped to drive Vampires from Latveria's borders.
    • Stefan Kroft (Earth-616): Vampire hunter of the Kroft Family, helped to drive Vampires from Latveria's borders.
    • Leo Kroft (Earth-616): Vampire hunter of the Kroft Family, helped to drive Vampires from Latveria's borders.
    • Oscar Kroft (Earth-616): Vampire hunter of the Kroft Family, helped to drive Vampires from Latveria's borders.
    • Pietro Kroft (Earth-616): Vampire hunter of the Kroft Family, helped to drive Vampires from Latveria's borders.
    • Kurt Kroft (Earth-616): Vampire hunter of the Kroft Family, helped to drive Vampires from Latveria's borders.
  • King Rudolfo I (Earth-616): Royalty of Latveria, prior to Doom's rule.
  • Baron Karl Haasen (Earth-616): 14th Century Latverian royalty.
  • Baron Karl Haasen III (Earth-616): Royalty of Latveria, prior to Doom's rule.
  • Vlad Draasen (Earth-616): 15th Century Latverian royalty.
  • King Stefan I (Earth-616): Royalty of Latveria, prior to Doom's rule.
  • Count Sabbat (Earth-616): 16th Century Latverian royalty.
  • Alexander Flynn: Alleged Mutant son of Doctor Doom and an unidentified Latverian Romani woman. Alexander Flynn was apparently presented to Doom as his son, but Doom refused to recognize him as such and exiled both the boy and his mother.
  • Tristian de Sabbat:
  • Torvalt (Earth-616): Onetime member of Doom's Zefiro Romani Clan. Killed by Doom for calling Doom mad and for disobeying him.
  • Larin (Earth-616): Former servant of Doom, originally from a small Tibetan village of monks who pledged their service to Doom (believing him to be some sort of prophesied leader and saviour) and assisted Doom in the construction of his first suit of armour. While not an official citizen of Latveria, he remains locked within Doom's personal prison.
  • Daniel Kurtz (Earth-616): Onetime classmate of Victor von Doom, he notably lost his left eye during Doom's experiment to contact his mother. While not an official citizen of Latveria, he remains locked within Doom's personal prison.
  • Gustov von Kampen (Earth-616): Onetime member of Doom's Zefiro Romani Clan. Currently he remains locked within Doom's personal prison.
  • Cristos Malachi (Earth-616): Onetime member of Doom's Zefiro Romani Clan, he was the clan's fortune-teller. Currently he remains locked within Doom's personal prison.


  • "Doomesque" is part of the Latverian lingo. It's essentially the equivalent of the colloquial use of "cool."[33]
  • "May Doom's terrifying face inspire you to devotedly implement his policies until you die" is the legally mandated way Latverians say goodbye.[33]
  • In an effort to discredit foreign linguistics, Latverian media claimed that "goodbye" was an acronym that stood for "Gall, Outrage and Oppose Doom Because You'reall Extremelybadpeople."[33]
  • Souvenirs from foreign nations are banned in Latveria.[33]
  • Latverians must denounce Reed Richards if commanded. Latverian law (or more accurately Doom's rantings) state that saying anything remotely positive about Reed Richards is an offense punishable by death.[50]

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