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Official Names: Latverian Army
Nicknames: Army of Latveria
Former Aliases: None known
Other Current Aliases: None known


Organization Status: Active
Organization Identity: Publicly known
Base of Operations: Latveria


Doctor Doom is commander-in-chief of the Army, which must be absolutely loyal and efficient. The politics in the Army includes victory or death, but never defeat.
The army is mostly formed by robots, but Doom's personal Guard is formed by 50 humans as a propaganda tool to show that Doom values humans too.
The human soldiers are brave when defending Latveria, although coward when fighting super-humans, unless Doom himself is in the battlefield.
Doom has selected some of these troopers for personal proyects such as the Doom Squad.

Leader: Doctor Doom
Active Members: Warrior Robots, Doom's Personal Guard
Former Members: Doom Squad
Known Allies: None
Known Enemies: None

Total Members: At least 1000 warrior robots and 50 humans (Doom's Personal Guard)
Total Allies: Total number of allies unknown
Total Enemies: Total number of enemies unknown


Place of Formation: Probably Latveria
First Appearance: Fantastic Four 350 (first x of Doom's Personal Guard fully equipped)




Equipment: Various including: Communicator, uniform, etc
Transportation: Various.
Weapons: Force rifle, Energy Halberd.



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