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The Latverian Embassy was the diplomatic mission from the nation of Latveria. Located in the shadow of the United Nations Headquarters in Manhattan's Lenox Hill on Lexington Avenue[1]. In this building Doctor Doom ruled absolultly as the embassy is out of bonds to United States police and military establishments, allowing him diplomatic immunity. If any "superhero" tried to attack the building it was considered an act of war and a diplomatic nightmare for the United States.


Latverian Embassy from Fantastic Four Annual Vol 1 2 001

First visit to the Embassy of Latveria

When Doctor Doom became ruler of Latveria he traveled to New York City and used the embassy as his new base. He formulated a trap for the Fantastic Four. They were unaware that Doom was now the ruler of Latveria, he invited them to a party, putting a drug in their drinks to make them see illusions. He trickd them all into thinking they're being attacked by the others before they eventually realize his machinations they escaped back to the Baxter Building were he is defeated.[2]

Latverian Embassy from Fantastic Four Vol 1 43 001

Doctor Doom stayed at the Embassy after he was injured by the Fantastic Four. He remained there for sometime while his hands healed.[3]

When Doom kidnapped Daredevil, he brought him as prisoner and used a body transferal device to switch bodies with him[4]. Returning to the Latverian embassy, Daredevil, as Dr. Doom, ordered the Latverian army to attack all other countries on its boarders. Realizing what DD had done, Doom returned to his embassy and reversed the process to stop his country from starting war. Back in his own body, Daredevil destroyed Dr. Doom's machine. Admitting defeat, Doom allowed Daredevil to go free.[5]

Many years later, Spider-Man and the Felicia Hardy infiltrated the Latverian Embassy to retrieve a Spider-Tracer.[6]

Some time later, Aleksander Lukin was spotted entering the Latverian Embassy.[7]

Alternate Realities[]

  • In the Ultimate Spider-Man (video game), the Beetle was reported to have ducked into the Latverian Embassy after evading Spider-Man. In the special edition of the game, the player can look at concept art that shows what happens to Beetle after his confrontation with Spider-Man. He flies into the embassy and walks up to a throne, kneels down, and presents the Sandman vial to Doctor Doom in some plot to develop super-soldiers for Latveria. Later on in the game, the Green Goblin is later seen escaping from the Latverian Embassy.
  • The Latverian Embassy is featured in The Incredible Hulk (2008 video game)
  • The Latverian Embassy is featured in Marvel: Avengers Alliance.
  • Doctor Doom escaped from Superman to the Latverian Embassy on Earth-7642.[8]
  • On Earth-12041, the Latverian Embassy first appeared when Spider-Man accidentally threw Captain America's Shield into Doctor Doom's property, which he and Captain America have to trespass the embassy to retrieve the shield.[9] The embassy became abandoned when Doctor Doom attempt to steal information from Avengers tower and would get arrested if he ever set foot in American again.[10] The embassy is also contains Doom's time traveling technology.[11] The abandoned embassy was later infiltrated by the Leader to steal Doom's time belt to alter history, with the Hulk chasing after him while his Agents stay in the present as the embassy protects anyone inside from any time alteration.[12]
  • On Earth-135263, the Latverian Embassy is depicted as a massive gothic inspired highrise, with tertiary towers located along it's perimeter.


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