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The Latverian franc is the official currency and legal tender of the enforced monarchy of Latveria.[1][2]

One Latverian franc is divided into 100 centimes as is typical in most countries. The exact exchange rate is undisclosed, Kristoff Vernard reported that the Latvian franc was very strong against the U.S. dollar.[2]


Kristoff Vernard offering Latverian francs for She-Hulk's legal services

Despite being a European nation, Latveria did not convert to "The Euro" because Doctor Doom refused to do so.[2] Additionally, Latveria is not a member of the European Union.

While securing her legal services, Kristoff Vernard offered to pay She-Hulk with Latverian francs.[2]


  • Apparently, on the bottom of every piece of Latverian currency is written the quote "Doom would not break until his body does, and neither shall I."[3]


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