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Rudolfo Haasen and his brother Karl were Latvian chieftains in the 14th century who migrated south and took away a town, renamed Haasenstadt, from band barons of Transylvania; the Haasens then consolidated their power for several years, recruited oppressed Transylvanian laborers as their army, and conquered a country of their own which they named Latveria, in honour of their native country Latvia. Rudolfo became the first king of Latveria, starting the Haasen bloodline.[1]

Alternative Realities[]

White Event (Earth-555)[]

In this universe it happened at 06.48 UTC on March 2 2006 in the universe of Earth-555. The previous minute the Chinese, Russian & USA's early warning systems went offline. The event, in which "Everything went White", could be seen from everywhere in the world (including New York, Optima Down, San Francisco, Fort Meade and Latvia.[2]

Humorverse (Earth-9047)[]

In the Humorverse, the Gods of Latvian Mythology attempted to invade Razzgard.[3]

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  • Not to be confused with the nation of Latveria (which was named after Latvia by its founders).[1]

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