Quote1 Mercy? I told you before, a king of the frost giants cannot afford such weakness. Quote2
-- King Laufey src

King Laufey seemingly had a similar history as his Earth-616 counterpart until his final battle with Odin. In this reality, Laufey killed Odin in battle and then proceeded to destroy Asgard, abducting Freyja and Thor. Taking in Thor as his son, he gained Laufey's favor and was eventually awarded his Ice Crusher. While his biological son, Loki, assumed his father had forgotten about him, he actually kept a passive eye on him, knowing he visited Freyja in her cell. When Loki helped her escape to Asgard, Laufey took Thor to hunt them down. Laufey attacked Loki, but he swiftly conjured a dagger and slayed his unprepared father.[1]


Seemingly those of the Laufey of Earth-616.


Ice Crusher[1]

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