From early childhood, the man who grew up to be known as Laughing Boy was always sadistic individual who enjoyed the pain and suffering of others. This psychological problem first manifested when still an infant and Laughing Boy witnessed a car accident and began to laugh. As a youth, he pushed a classmate out of a window for his own amusement, and was tattled on by his classmate Susan Dane. Sent to reform school, Laughing Boy eventually beat one of his fellow classmates to death with a hammer.

An adult, Laughing Boy was the leader of his own gang by 1947 and operated out of New York City. Reading the newspaper one day he learned of Fred Davis Jr.'s extensive celebrity autograph collection and went to the Lee School to steal it. There he clashed with Captain America and Bucky (Fred's alter ego) but managed to escape with the autograph book. Coincidentally, he spotted Susan Dane (now an actress coming to visit the school) and Betsy Ross arriving. Remembering how she tattled on him as a child, Laughing Boy attacked Susan but was fought off by Betsy and was forced to flee when the police were about to arrive. Over the next few days, Laughing Boy then forged checks of celebrities who were visiting town.

When the heat became too strong, Laughing Boy and his gang relocated to Hollywood, California where he renewed his attentions toward Susan Dane. Learning that she was starring in a film about Marie Antoinette and that they studio was using the actual jewels worn by the historical figure, Laughing Boy sought to not only eliminate Susan but stealth the priceless jewels. Kidnapping Susan from her dressing room, Laughing Boy was about to decapitate her with a guillotine when he was interrupted once more by Captain America and Bucky. While Bucky subdued Laughing Boy's gang, Captain America made short work of Laughing Boy and the entire gang was turned over to the police.[1]

Laughing Boy's subsequent fate is unknown.


Laughing Boy suffers from Sadistic Personality Disorder, as such he takes pleasure from the pain and misfortune of others.


Laughing Boy had a pistol.

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