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Despite his dangerous, globe-spanning profession, Clint Barton managed to build a more stable family life than most of his peers, residing for years with his girlfriend Laura.[1] She later became his wife, with whom he had three children: Callum, Lewis and baby Nicole, named after her godfather, Nick Fury.[2]

Hawkeye habitually phoned his family before every mission to say good-bye, just in case he never returned, but he always returned. In response, a traitor within the Ultimates led a black ops team to Hawkeye's home, slaughtering the entire Barton family. Hawkeye himself was taken alive and chemically interrogated, yielding secrets which enabled a foreign super-army to overwhelm the Ultimates. Hawkeye soon escaped from the prison using his fingernails as a weapon. When the traitor within the Ultimates was revealed to be the Black Widow, Hawkeye killed her in revenge for the death of his family.[3]

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