This apartment in the Bronx was once owned by Wolverine. Following his death, it was one of a number of possessions inherited by his clone and "daughter," Laura Kinney, who moved in sometime after taking up the Wolverine mantle for herself. The apartment suffered minor damage when Gabby set a fire in the bedroom so she could escape while interrogating Wolverine over the death of one of her sisters in Paris.[1]

In the aftermath of their fight against Alchemax Genetics, Gabby stayed with Laura on a temporary basis until it was decided what she would do next; however, Laura later made the arrangement permanent.[2] The apartment suffered more damage during Civil War II, when Captain America and a S.H.I.E.L.D. team raided it to preemptively arrest Logan for Gabby's murder. Logan cut a hole through the wall to facilitate his and Gabby's escape, while Laura fought with Rogers and the S.H.I.E.L.D. team.[3]

Gabby later received a new apartment on Roosevelt Island paid in full as thanks for helping save the population from the Laura Kinney Virus. When Laura tried to tell her they couldn't accept, Gabby remarked that Deadpool knew she'd say that, so she had accepted on their behalf.[4] They took up residence in the new apartment upon their return from space.[5]



  • According to artist David Lopez's concept art, Laura's apartment has an address of 634 Melrose Ave.[6]


  • The apartment building is based on an actual location in the Bronx located at 645 Melrose. Lopez acknowledged artistic license in the placement of the front door, which would be impossible at the actual site.[6]

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