Quote1 ... Logan said you could use some help. If he trusts you, so do I. Quote2
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Laura Kinney was the clone of the mutant known as Wolverine created to be the ultimate weapon by a top-secret program. When she managed to escape from the facilities that created her, she found a new home in the Avengers Academy.

She was one of the many superheroes who joined S.H.I.E.L.D.'s alliance against villains after a mysterious Pulse hit the Earth and left a material called Isotope-8, desired by both heroes and villains.[1]

Laura Kinney (Earth-12131) 003

As War

Age of Apocalypse

After Rogue and Beast disappeared during a Test Subject outbreak led by Sugar-Man, but were later detected in San Francisco and London, respectively, X-23 joined a strike team led by Cyclops, Havok, Black Panther, Gambit, and War Machine in order to find Rogue. Laura found herself against the Living Monolith, whose powers had been enhanced by Apocalypse. After defeating the Mololith, X-23 was abducted similarly to the ways in which Rogue and Beast had disappeared. Later, Mr. Sinister communicated telepathically with Professor X and revealed X-23's new identity as War, one of the Horsemen of Apocalypse, along with Pestilence (Beast), Famine (Rogue), and Death (Iceman). The four Horsmen headed to different locations to spread chaos, and Professor X located War in Wakanda.

War's actions and Apocalypse's mutant uprising attracted the attention of Sentinels, whom she fought before being confronted by War Machine. She was defeated, but fleed the scene as Apocalypse called her and the rest of the Horsemen.

Apocalypse gathered his Horsemen in New York City, where they fought and were defeated by the Alliance. Apocalypse escaped, but the defeated Horsemen were brought back to the Helicarrier in order to treat them for their transformations.[1]


Seemingly those of the Laura Kinney of Earth-616. As War, her powers were enhanced by Apocalypse.


Seemingly those of the Laura Kinney of Earth-616.

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