Quote1.png I've lived, and I feel like I've lived well. And look out there...When I think back...look what we achieved. We lost...too many. But we did it. We fought against greed and hate and fear. And we actually made the world a better place. The heroes won. Quote2.png
-- Laura Kinney src


In the not so far future, Laura Kinney took part in the Doom World War, which the heroes won, but she lost Julian Keller. Laura was made Queen of Madripoor by the people, and so she made Gabby Kinney the new Wolverine. However, Laura also discovered that she was dying due to an imperfection in the original cloning process that created her. She called Gabby over to tell her the news and explained that she had Gabby and her kids tested, only to find out that the degeneration did not pass on to them. She also said that she had two things left to do before she died, one was to kill Doctor Doom and the other to save Bellona.[1]

After infiltrating the Doom Dome (accompanied by Gabby, Hawkeye, Maria Hill, and Captain Marvel), Laura and the others came into conflict with a group of Doombots. Though they managed to destroy most of them, a surviving one fired a blast at Maria. Laura attempted to take the blast for her, but it went through her chest and struck Maria, killing her.[2]

Laura entered Doom's throne room while Gabby and Kate searched for Bellona. Confronting Doom, who revealed he had intentionally lured her to Latveria so he could steal her body for himself. Displacing his mind to her body, he was immediately overcome with pain, feeling the effects of Laura's cell degeneration. She informed him she was dying and he tried to flee back to his own body, but it was already dead from Laura impaling it with a foot claw. Thor and Captain America, having been among the prisoners freed by Kate and Gabby, destroyed the two Doombots holding her. The Doom Dome fell, freeing the people of Latveria, and Laura told Gabby she was content to end her life here. However, Gabby dismissed the idea of dying heroically and told Laura they were going to consult everyone they knew until they found a way to cure Laura so she could finally enjoy the utopia she'd worked so hard for. Gabby then told Laura she'd been the best there was was as what she did, and now she got to be something better.[3]


Seemingly those of the Laura Kinney of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the Laura Kinney of Earth-616.


Laura is dying of cell degeneration as a result of a flaw in the original genetic engineering process that created her.[1]


Wolverine's Suit

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