When Logan first awoke in Laura Kinney's Apartment following an encounter with Fin Fang Foom of Earth-616, in his delirium he told Laura that this was where he raised her.[1]

After he recovered he mentioned to her that of all the mistakes he made, her upbringing was one of the few things he didn't mess up, and expressed how much he missed her willingness to talk back to him.[2]

Laura killed, and was killed by, the Wasteland's Gabby Kinney. Logan was deeply embittered by this, and when he came across Gabby's grave site in the Wastelands he made a point of smashing her marker and stating she deserved to be forgotten. It also led him to accidentally lash out at the Gabby of Earth-616 while driven feral by a S.H.I.E.L.D. attack, because she "took [Laura] away" from him.[3]


Presumably those of Laura Kinney of Earth-616


Presumably those of Laura Kinney of Earth-616

Strength level

Presumably that of Laura Kinney of Earth-616


Presumably those of Laura Kinney of Earth-616

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