Lauren Sherwood was a babysitter for Eden Blake and her kids, frequently subbing for Eden's mother when "Eden" (secretly the 1500 year old male soldier named Lukasz) went off to battle evil as Mantra.[1] When starting high school, Lauren was small and underdeveloped at first, often the target of ridicule from the other girls. On one occasion, a demon manipulated her desires and transformed her into a duplicate of Mantra, causing havoc in Canoga Park. The real Mantra tracked down the imposter Lauren and put her back in her normal body.[2]

As time passed, Lauren grew into an extremely attractive teenaged girl, and began dying her hair blond to complete the local "Valley Girl" look. Unfortunately, this did little for her popularity -- Lauren was still mostly shunned by the popular girls, mocked by the boys, and now mistreated by her previous friends for her new "Muffy" makeover. As Eden Blake's babysitter, she was present when the Black September effect somehow gave ten-year-old Gus Blake magical powers to act out his anger issues.[3]

While Eden Blake struggled to contain her son, she tricked him into casting Lauren into the pocket realm of Mantra's cape. Eden telepathically guided Lauren to find the mystical armor and weaponry necessary to defend against Gus.


  • Sorcery: As Mantra, Lauren was given the power to manipulate magical forces for a variety of effects:
    • Elemental Control: Mantra could manipulate earth, fire, wind and water. Her control over wind also enabled her to fly.
    • Phasing: Mantra could become intangible to pass through solid objects. She could also make other people or objects intangible, leaving them unable to touch or harm others.
    • Force Blasts
    • Force Fields


Sword of Fangs

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