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Lauren Strucker is a mutant from Atlanta, Georgia. Her powers first manifested during a vacation when the family car veered off the road, and she generated a force field to protect her family. Her brother Andy's mutant powers manifested while he was being bullied at a dance. His powerful telekinetic abilities caused the school to partially collapse. Lauren publicly revealed herself as a mutant when she used her powers to shield herself and others from debris. She found Andy, and after calming him down they went home and came out to their mother Caitlin as mutants.

Lauren and Andy used their powers to help the family escape from the Sentinel Services when they came to take them away for the safety of the community. Reed Strucker used his connections at the District Attorney's office to contact Eclipse from the Mutant Underground and arranged for his family to escape to safety across the border in Mexico. The Sentinel Services ambushed the Strucker family when they met Eclipse. Fortunately, Thunderbird and Blink tracked Eclipse and helped them escape. Blink opened a portal to the Underground's headquarters before the Sentinel Services cornered them. Lauren, Andy, Caitlin, and the mutants from the Underground escaped to safety, but Blink could not leave the portal open long enough for Reed to come through after an agent of the Sentinel Services shot him in the leg.[2]



Force Field Generation:

Fenris Force: When making physical contact with her brother, they glow with a yellowish energy and can fire a destructive wave of energy that is a combined force of their powers.


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