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Lauri-Ell is a Kree soldier of the Kree/Skrull Alliance, as well as the half-sister of Carol Danvers, the super hero better known as Captain Marvel.[1] Lauri-Ell and Carol first crossed paths during the Cotati invasion of Earth, after which Lauri-Ell took possession of the Universal Weapon and became Emperor Hulkling's Accuser.[2][3]


Lauri-Ell was a soldier artificially bred by scientists of the Kree. She was created from the DNA of two powerful Kree Soldiers, one of which was Mari-Ell. Because of this, Lauri-Ell was the half-sister of Carol Danvers, the half-human, half-Kree super hero called Captain Marvel. A powerful warrior herself, Lauri-Ell was designed to be an excellent soldier. Even though fighting came naturally to Lauri-Ell, she hated waging conflict.[1]

Captain Marvel Vol 10 18 Unknown Comic Books Exclusive Second Printing Smith Virgin Variant

During the early days of the Kree/Skrull Alliance, Lauri-Ell was stationed in K'in-Al, an experimental sanctuary where citizens of the former enemy empires were to live together in peace.[4] The city's existence was short-lived due to its destruction at the hands of the Kree-hating human Wastrel. Lauri-Ell was the only survivor of the explosion, and the blame for it befell on her.[5] When Captain Marvel, who had become the Alliance's new Accuser, arrived at the scene, Lauri-Ell surrendered and accepted her execution despite claiming to be innocent. Using the Universal Weapon to probe Lauri-Ell's mind, Carol found out her parentage, which Lauri-Ell had avoided disclosing to spare Carol of the guilt of killing her own half-sister. Carol became convinced that Lauri-Ell was innocent, and took her to Earth for her protection until she found the true culprit.[1]

On Earth, Lauri-Ell joined forces with Carol to combat invading Cotati forces, allowing the two sisters to bond.[4] Captain Marvel eventually returned to K'in-Al and managed to apprehend Wastrel with the help of her allies. In the meantime, Lauri-Ell had decided to help stop another Cotati attack in which one of the victims was Carol's friend Kit Renner.[5] Lauri-Ell was joined by Carol and her allies. During the fight, Carol was overpowered by Cotati soldiers and lost grip of her Universal Weapon. The hammer called to Lauri-Ell, and she wielded it. Lauri-Ell's perfect harmonization with the hammer signaled her potential to become an Accuser herself. After defeating the Cotati, Lauri-Ell returned the hammer to Carol so she could fulfill her promise to use it to put an end to the Cotati invasion.[2] Following the end of the Cotati's Empyre, Emperor Hulkling of the Alliance appointed Lauri-Ell his new chief Accuser in place of Carol.[3] A few weeks later, Lauri-Ell paid Carol a visit at the Danvers' summer home in Harpswell so she could pay her respects at Mari-Ell's grave.[2]



Kree Physiology:

  • Superhuman Strength: A Kree warrior has twice the strength of a human of a similar age, height, and build.
  • Superhuman Durability: The Kree are very durable, while not bulletproof they are still fully capable of effortlessly shrugging off hits from beings as powerful as Captain America and are presumed to be capable of surviving much stronger hits.
  • Superhuman Endurance: A Kree warrior has twice the endurance of a human with similar training.
  • Superhuman Stamina: A Kree warrior has twice the stamina of a human with similar training.



Accuser Armor: Granted by the Universal Weapon as she was suited for the role.[2]


Universal Weapon: Originally belonged to Ronan the Accuser. Can be used to attack physically, fire energy blasts, fly, manipulate matters, probe minds and find out what happened at a particular point in time.[7]


  • Lauri-Ell likes flowers.[5]

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