Laurie Simpson Neal was the wife of lighthouse keeper Franklin Neal and the mother of young Angelica Neal. The Neals had a troubled marriage, owing largely to Frank's decision to take up the position of lighthouse keeper of Harrow's Point after the untimely death of the previous keeper. Laurie did not support the decision and resented the fact that Frank uprooted them from their home and relocated them to Maine. She wanted Frank to accept a position working at her father's bank, but Frank refused. Within an evening of moving into the lighthouse, Laurie discovered that her daughter had fallen prey to a vampire. The local physician, Doctor Chowder, administered a blood transfusion with Laurie as the donor and saved Angelica's life. That same evening, Dracula insinuated his way into the Neal home. Unable to finish off Angelica (due to some well-placed crucifixes and garlic), he instead sated his thirst on Laurie. The substantial blood loss, both from the attack and the transfusion, proved too much for Laurie and she died soon after. Three nights later, she awakened in her coffin as a vampire. Her husband Frank as well as Doctor Chowder and the local bishop Father McFarland restrained her in her coffin while Frank drove a stake into her heart.


Had Laurie continued to exist, she would have developed all of the powers of a traditional vampire. However, she was destroyed before her proficiency in such abilities could ever be demonstrated.

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