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Laussa Odinsdottir is the second born daughter of All-Father Odin and All-Mother Freyja, and heir to the Asgardian throne.[3]


After Laussa was kidnapped at birth by her older sister Angela,[5] a group of Asgardians led by the Odinson followed them to Limbo, and tried to rescue the child, but Angela's partner, Sera, teleported them away from there to Midgard. Thanks to Heimdall, the Asgardians were able to discover Angela's whereabouts and used the Bifrost to get there. They tried to rescue the girl yet again but Sera teleported them away again, this time to Vanaheim.[5]

Once they dealt with a group of Dark Elves, Angela, Sera, and the baby went to the Temple of Union, a place in Vanaheim that symbolized not only the end of the Aesir/Vanir War but the everlasting love too. There, Angela acquired Siri's wedding dress, the one thing Heimdall couldn't see through. With its abilities, Angela took Sera and the baby to the moon, where the Guardians of the Galaxy were waiting for them.[6]

In demon form

Following a fierce battle against the Dísir, the Guardians discovered the truth about the baby Angela was carrying and demanded answers. Angela explained that Odin and Freyja laid together in the space between realms, the same place to where Odin had purged Surtur's essence, thus making him the child's third parent. Angela needed to take the child to Heven so they could save everything from burning, but the Guardians didn't believe her until the baby transformed herself into a fire demon and burned Groot down.[2]

The Guardians took Angela and the baby to Heven, where Angela would use the city's furnace to siphon Surtur's power out of her. There they were attacked by its inhabitants, the Angels, and the Asgardians, who had discovered Angela's location thanks to the Dísir. Angela was attacked by an enraged Odinson and a battle ensued between them over the fate of their sister. The baby nearly died in the battle, as a pillar almost fell on her, but Angela used her own body to protect her sister from harm. Seeing Angela didn't want to hurt their sister, Odinson helped her get above the city's furnace, and then Angela threw her sister into it.[7]

The furnace siphoned Surtur's power from within her, powering the city of Heven for the rest of its existence. As the furnace started to burn her skin, Angela approached her and enveloped her inside the part of Siri's wedding dress that formed her wings. They both went out of the city's furnace through a door on its base. The girl was taken by Odinson to his mother, who then commanded her Asgardian army to retreat to Asgardia. After taking both Angela and Sera prisoners for what they had done, All-Mother Freyja told Angela her sister's name: Laussa. As Odin and Freyja discussed if they would or not free Angela and Sera, Laussa's eyes brightened like blazing brimstone and she was exhaling black smoke as she breathed, proving that Surtur's power was still growing inside her.[1]

War of the Realms

When the War of the Realms came to Midgard, Laussa was targeted by her "sister" Sindr. Freyja tasked Laussa's brother Balder with the baby's protection, and he gathered a group of heroes for assistance that would become Laussa's "Babysitters Club."[8] The baby's godly and royal instincts prompted her to gather an army to fight in the War of the Realms, and she instinctively used her latent powers to influence her guardians into visiting specific destinations where they could gather allies she would then influence too.[9]

Laussa and her "Babysitters Club"

The first of these locations was Bide-a-Wee RV Campground, a caravan park inhabited by Skrull desertors.[10] The next one was an abandoned Wild West-inspired theme park named Six Gun Territory, where the babysitters encountered the ghosts of heroes from that time period,[11] summoned by the Demon Rider,[12] who was in turn acting on behalf of Laussa.[9] The babysitters then stopped by Sterling Hotel & Casino, which was hosting a convention for super villain henchmen.[12]

At the hotel, the babysitters were reached by Ares, who had agreed to find the baby for Sindr, and was guided to the heroes by the Demon Rider impersonating her. Ares managed to abduct Laussa, but her babysitters retrieved her and confronted Ares. During the fight, the Demon Rider arrived with an army of the people from the locations the heroes had visited, and revealed that she had facilitated Ares' mission at Laussa's own request so that she could influence Ares into fighting for the Earth as well. After Ares accepted to follow the child's will, the babysitters reactivated a S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier hidden in Lake Tahoe and reached Avengers Mountain with the baby safe.[9]



Asgardian Physiology: She presumably possesses the powers typical to most infant Aesir and Vanir her age.

  • Superhuman Durability: Being an infant Asgardian goddess, she possesses limited superhuman durability.[1]

Being also Surtur's offspring, she possessed (and possibly still possesses) the following abilities:

  • Shapeshifting: She could turn into a demonic version of herself.[2]
  • Pyrokinesis: She can create and manipulate intense heat and flames.[2]
  • Fire Immunity: She was able to withstand tremendous temperatures, as far as the Surtur infection remained within her.[1]

Subconscious Inducement: According to the Demon Rider, being a unique combination of the demonic and the divine, Laussa can influence the hearts of people, be it mortal, immortals, or spirits. She is essentially capable of mentally nudging people to do what she wants.[9] People under Laussa's influence will interpret these actions as personal whims.[8]

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