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Not much is known about the Lavorite race, though they claim to come from the planet Venus. They are humanoid in nature and are able to breath in water and in the air. Males of the species are only a few inches tall. The only known female Queen Jarna is human sized, however it is unknown if this is the common stature for Lavorite females or if her increased stature is caused by other means, be they artificial or due to biological mutation.

In 1941, an army of Lavorites accompanied Queen Jarna to Earth where they hoped to conquer the planet. To this end they formed an alliance with the Nazis assisting them in constructing a secret underwater base off the coast of Florida for the purposes of invading the United States.[1] Their activities attracted the attention of Betty Dean, Luther Robinson, and Lynn Harris who were vacationing in the area. They enlisted the aid of their sometime-ally, the Sub-Mariner to investigate. Namor learned of the Lavorites/Nazi alliance and forced Queen Jarna into submission making her explain their plot. Namor ordered her to leave the Earth, and the Lavorites fled in their rocket.[2]

Queen Jarna and her followers

Queen Jarna, however did not leave with her fellow Lavorites, and was soon found by the Sub-Mariner who forced her into revealing the Nazi plot to invade the United States which was still ongoing without the Lavroites' aid. She was forced to help him smash the operation and afterward the two would part, although on not very friendly terms.[1]

Jarna's current fate is unknown. There have not been any further recorded interactions with the Lavorites.

Powers and Abilities


Lavorites are amphibious, able to breath both on dry land or underwater without artificial aid without any apparent limitations. They have above average strength for beings their size as a small number of them were able to tie up the Sub-Mariner for a limited time.

Queen Jarna was human sized, however if this was a natural characteristic of females of the species, or caused by genetic or artificial means remains to be seen.


Type of Government

Monarchy. It would appear their ruler was governed by their height, as Queen Jarna was human size. As previously mentioned it is unknown why her high was different than the others.

Level of Technology

The Lavorites appear to be primitive in the way of weapons, however they have shown rocket technology that would allow them travel between planets.


Queen Jarna


  • While the Lavorites claim to come from the planet Venus, with what is commonly known about the planet Venus' harsh environment makes this unlikely. It is possible the the Lavorites, like many alien species have claimed during this period, likely came from another planet outside the Sol system and used Venus as a staging ground for an invasion of Earth.
  • Jarna has never claimed to be a direct member of the Lavorites, and the likelihood of her being a member is questionable. This is more plausible when considering a similar woman named Vanza who was among a race of Venusian invaders also visited Earth. It's possible that both Jarna and Vanza are part of another unidentified race.

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