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Lawrence Chesney was the son of an unnamed father who worked as a model for the covers of 1930's vigilante Copperhead. As his father aged he slowly began to go insane once the book's were cancelled and began to believe he was Copperhead. He remained bitter about profits he believed he was owed till his death.

Chesney learned that the Copperhead stories were going to be reprinted and decided to take on the Copperhead identity and killed the author, Walter Kranz. He then took on more of the Copperhead's identity and killed several minor criminals including Chester Chino. This attracted the attention of Dardevil who found and battled him but the Copperhead overwhelmed him and escaped. His next victim was Milton Wexler who was the book's original publisher. He then set out to the books new publisher, Martin Foster but was again confronted by Daredevil and was able to overwhelm him. Copperhead left and visited his fathers grave and was tracked down by Daredevil and the pair fought, this time however, Copperhead was seemingly killed when he copper armor was struck by lightning.[1]

After dying, his soul feel into the possession of an unnamed demon and was returned to earth to obtain the soul of Spider-Man.[2] To this end, he set about creating the Gang of Four and launched a plot to conquer the Kingpin's criminal empire, to attract the attention of both Spider-Man and Daredevil. As expected the pair tracked to the gang to their hideout and attacked them. During the battle Copperhead revealed his true nature and captured his teammates in mystic torture and attempted to claim the souls of all present. However, the Owl saved Daredevil and the entire Gang was pulled into the portal. The current fate of Copperhead is unknown, but the members have all returned without any harm.[3]

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Bulletproof armor


Pneumatic pistol that can fire tranquilizer darts or snake venom

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