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Lawrence Rambow was the son of scientist Phillip Zoltan Rambow who once worked with Reed Richards,[2] who later became Mister Fantastic, leader of the Fantastic Four.[3]

Years later, Phillip was working on a device that could neutralize any weapon. Assisting him on this noble goal was his son. During the experiment something went wrong and Lawrence was bombarded with and transformed by a strange energy. This energy form then went on a rampage across New York City.[1] Not wishing his son to be harmed, Phillip sought out his old colleague, but instead ran into his wife the Invisible Girl, who was fending off the creature during its attack.[2] She was soon joined by her teammates, Mister Fantastic and the Human Torch. Realizing that a neutralizer device in his lab could revert his son back to normal, Rambow was taken there by the Human Torch while Mr. Fantastic and the Invisible Girl kept Lawrence at bay. Getting the neutralizer in on time, Phillip activated it, changing his son back to normal. Following the battle Rambow had to be hospitalized,[1] his subsequent fate is unknown.

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