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The Ape lived up to his namesake due to his ape like appearance and the fact that he was covered with hair. He became a famous boxer in the 1940's, eventually being billed as the "most hideous fighter in America". His strength and ruthlessness in the ring attracted the attention of both mobster Big Joe, and costumed hero the Challenger. After one particular match, the Challenger (in his civilian guise of Bill Waring) kept a watchful eye on the Ape after spotting some of Big Joe's men at the match. These hired thugs had come to hire the Ape for $100,000 to help in a bank heist. Having no morals to speak of the Ape gladly took the job. However when the bank heist was pulled off, the Ape was left behind while Big Joe and his men made their getaway.

The Ape became furious and fought his way through security and the police, although a bullet struck his head to get away. Surviving the shot, the bullet lodged in the Ape's thick skull began causing him to fill with a murderous rage and he sought to get revenge against Big Joe for deserting him. Unknown to the Ape, the Challenger followed him back to Big Joe's hideout. The Challenger crashed in, but failed to stop the Ape from murdering Big Joe and his men before escaping.

Now becoming homicidally insane, the Ape killed a shop keeper in order to get some food. Tracking the Ape, the Challenger battled the massive man again. During the fight, the Challenger struck the Ape right where the bullet had struck him earlier. This strike caused the Ape a great deal of pain and took the fight out of him. With the Ape defeated he was handed over to the authorities. His fate remains unrevealed.[citation needed]

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When the Ape had a bullet lodged in his brain he became insane with rage to the point where he was homicidal. Striking where the bullet hit caused him to easily crumple in the fight. It is unrevealed if the behavioral changes caused by the bullet are permanent or if the bullet was ever able to be removed from his skull.



When active as a boxer the Ape wore regulation standard boxing gloves.

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